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From the omnipotent minds behind The Gymnastics Examiner, Spanny’s Big Fake Smile, Masters Gymnastics, and  Uncle Tim Talks Men’s Gym, comes the podcast you’ve waited all your life to download! Inarguably, the best gymnastics podcast in the history of the universe.  GymCastic is a weekly talk show with interviews, opinions and analysis for fans by fans.

We love hearing from you! Give us your requests, thoughts and feedback by emailing us at gymcastic @ gmail.com or leave a voice-mail on Skype at username “GymCastic Podcast” or by dialing (415) 800-3191.  Thanks for listening!

About The Hosts

Jessica O’Beirne‘s mission in life is to make gymnastics as popular as the NFL. No, seriously, she’s not kidding. She is the creator and producer of the show. When she is not editing audio or scheduling guests, she works tirelessly to assure that gymnasts know they can continue to do the sport throughout their lifetime for health, fitness and fun over at masters-gymnastics.com. She has written about masters gymnasts for International Gymnast magazine. In partnership with Gymnastike’s Adult channel, her site Masters Gymnastics, attempts to maintain a list of  every adult gymnastics class and masters meet in the world.  Follow her on Twitter @OtotheBeirne or @AdultGymnastics or Google+

Blythe Lawrence of Gymnastics Examiner is a journalist from Seattle. She’s written about gymnastics for Universal Sports, ESPNw, International Gymnast Magazine and The Seattle Times.  She is an editor for the International Gymnastics Federation. You should follow her on Twitter @GymExaminer because she is at every gymnastics event you’ve ever wanted tickets to.


Uncle Tim writes the blog that would be Spanny’s boyfriend… if it were straight, Uncle Tim Talks Men’s Gym and Twitter @uncletimmensgym.  His official biography reads as follows: 

Loves: Jordan Jovtchev’s shiny leotards, Philipp Boy’s face, Louis Smith’s hair, Jake Dalton’s toe point, and a good triple full.
Obsessed with: Tim Daggett. Who isn’t?
Hates: This is an abridged list… Double pikes off parallel bars, double-twisting double layouts off high bar, bent legs, flexed feet, sloppy handstands, bad round-offs, bad spelling, wedgies, and little kids who fart in your face while you’re spotting them.
Hidden talents: I can do a standing back tuck on the high beam even though I’m a boy. Oh, and I’m great at making alcohol-infused desserts, and I speak a lot of languages, and I can eat a large pizza by myself in a single sitting.
Craziest gymnastics moment: When I was in undergrad, I was a poor schmuck, but I studied abroad anyway. On my last day in Rome, I was running low on cash, so I did what any former gymnast would do: I went to the Coliseum, set a hat on the ground and started doing gymnastics. I made 40 euros that afternoon and I had myself a nice meal by the Spanish Steps. (FYI: this happened many years before Emily Kmetko needed train fare on Make It or Break It. She’s the copycat–not I.)
Most private thing I’m willing to admit: I have a big gymternet crush on Spanny Tampson. Who doesn’t?
Evan Heiter host

Evan Heiter is originally from the great state of Michigan and currently residing where the players play: Atlanta, Georgia.  He’s a former member of the University of Michigan men’s gymnastics team, and was fortunate enough to be on the 2010 NCAA National Championship team. Evan is a lifelong gym fan, with strong emotional ties to fluff pieces and form. When he’s not developing social content as a profession, you can find him crafting his own brand of (he thinks) humorous content. He loves to make others laugh almost as much as he loves laughing himself. In his spare time, he voraciously enjoys reality T.V., intense elliptical sessions and various appetizer-esque foods. Talk to him on Twitter @ yoEv


Spanny Tampson is one of the most beloved gymnastics-satirists in the game. Her montages are legen…wait for it…dary. Experience it all on her popular blog Spanny’s Big Fake Smile. Like her on Spanny Tampson Facebook, or follow her on Twitter @SpannyTampson where she hunts down #fouryearfans and punishes them.


Transcription Team:
Katy Jones is self-admittedly a better gym fan than she ever was a gymnast. When she’s not transcribing or watching endless hours of gymnastics on YouTube, she writes a Flashback Friday series and helps with interviews at GymNewstics.com. You can follow her on Twitter at @katylovin where her overuse of seemingly obscure words like “Yurchenko,” “Mustafina,” and “Amanar” has driven away many non-gym fans.
Katie P.  – prefers to remain mysterious, like like physics behind Kennedy Baker’s  quintuple wolf turn.
Sound Engineer:
Ivan Alexander
Ivan‘s love for All-Things-Internet can only be rivaled by his love towards Gymnastics (See pic above).  When he’s not busy dealing with the World’s addiction toward fossil fuel, he spends his time nurturing his passion in Yoga, Music, Photography, Technology, and of course, Gymnastics.Blessed with the ability to play music by ear, he delved into the uncharted territory of being a YouTube musician in the early age of YouTube. (Read: Pre-Google, Pre-HD era).  Up to date, his YouTube Channel has garnered more than 7 Million views and close to 3000 subscribers.  Although the development of the channel has slowed down as he shifts his focus towards Photography (Check out his website @ www.TripleTwistPhoto.com/Facebook), he’s still actively playing music every week as a resident pianist in one of Houston’s mega church.
 Special Guest Hosts

Dvora Meyers was raised in the wilds of Brooklyn (way before the hipsters colonized) yet still can pronounce most of her Rs. Like all Orthodox Jewish yeshiva girls, she did recreational gymnastics for several years but with the fervor of one much more talented, and memorized all of the books about the sport contained in the public library. They numbered three.

Which is why Dvora went onto write a gymnastics book of her own. Due to a catastrophic failure at compartmentalization, she published Heresy on the HighBeam: Confessions of an Unbalanced Jewess, an ode to obsessive gymnastics fandom laced with high doses of Judaism. (As Forrest Gump once sagely said, gymnastics and Judaism go together like peas and carrots.) She also writes about arts, culture, and religion for a variety of publications including The New York Times, Slate, Jezebel, and The Atlantic.

Check out Unorthodox Gymnastics for your thrice-weekly religion-gymnastics fix.
And follower her on Twitter @DvoraMeyers for more thoughts on spandex and the

She is also available to breakdance at weddings and bar mitzvahs. Just ask.

Lauren Hopkins, has been US Editor at the Couch Gymnast and head honcho at The Gymternet.

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5 thoughts on “About

  1. Greetings Gymcastic greats! First of all, I have to say that I ADORE your podcast! I started listening to it on day one, back in the day when the show was still posted on Mondays (yes, way, way back in the day). I guess you can say I am an OG fan (original Gymcastic fan).
    Anyway, I just wanted to let you know how much I love your work and how much you put into each episod. I also love that I feel I have found, as you all said in Episode 14, “my people.” It turns out thay they are not necessarily African-American law students or even competitive debaters and debate coaches (another incredibly obscure, elite competitve outlet for teens and college students); my people are huge gymnerds who spend copious amounts of time watching and re-watching the sport. Also, your podcasts make me feel like I don’t need to seek out people anymore to discuss the crazy tension and drama that goes along with following gymnastics quad after quad since I was four years old. I have you guys; I have a community of gymnerds to share my tears of joy, sorrow and everything in between.
    Finally, I just wanted to tell you all that Gymcastic is literally getting me through the toughest of times in my life. I had to take a leave of absence from law school, and am still out of school due to several chronic and painful medical issues. Last November, I was scheduled for surgery on Wednesday, November 14th. Thank you all at Gymcastic for giving me a fantastic podcast to listen to to distract myself from being nervous before going under the knife, and for being around to keep me company in my three subsequent hospital stays.
    The show is amazing. All of you are incredibly smart, educated and dedicated people who have shown more light on the sport that I love. Also, for more selfish reasons, thank you for keeping me company during some rough times in my medical journey!
    Keep up the fantastic work and I cannot wait for what Gymcastic has in store for all of us listeners in 2013!
    Love, difficulty and execution,

    • LaTonya, thank you so much for this lovely note. It really made my day. Don’t be afraid to ask for the strong drugs. And to drive your family crazy. (It worked for me.)

      I wish you nothing but the best and a complete recovery.

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  3. I was just looking for the email address to send you an email but it appears I’ve come to the right place: I just wanted to say that I’m having a difficult time with my family right now, and GymCastic is helping me SO MUCH you have no idea. When I’m in bed at night is always when I can’t help thinking things over and giving myself a hard time and I’ve been struggling a bit with getting enough sleep, so I put on old episodes of the show so I have something else to concentrate on and I drift off OK, which is such a help. And then when a new episode comes out like today it really helps everything feel normal, like I’m just chilling with you guys thinking about gymnastics instead of worrying whether my Dad is ever going to speak to me again. I don’t want to be melodramatic or anything because I’m an awkward British person who can’t deal with feelings but you’re all really the best and thank you so, so much for what you do.

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