Episode 2: Age of Olympians Increases, Daggett on Kindness

Catalina Ponor

24-year-old Catalina Ponor (R) on the podium in London.

This week we talk about Chinese nationals, missed opportunities on the Kellog’s tour, a new gymnastics routine app and the FIG’s post-Olympic report. We bring you the second part of our interview with Olympic gold medalist and NBC commentator, Tim Daggett. He shares his thoughts on the code, the loss of the 10, cheating and kindness in coaching.

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Episode 1: Tim Takes On The Haters


This week Blythe updates us on injuries during the Ontario, CA tour stop and the Russians vacation-training in Spain. Uncle Tim reviews the post-Olympic show. Spanny Tampson opines on Chris Brown and the Fierce Five at the VMA’s;  and in the first of a two-part series, we talk to NBC commentator Tim Daggett about his life-threatening injury and what he wants his critics to know.

Next Week: In part two of our interview with Tim Daggett, he vents his frustrations about  the code and the death of the perfect 10, “I hate it.” Find out who he thinks can benefit from being more kind.