88: Rhonda Faehn & Mackenzie Caquatto

macko and rhonda


This Week's Interview

An all-interview episode with 1988 Olympic alternate at the Seoul Games and Florida head-coach, Rhonda Faehn. She is a super gym-nerd, just like us. We discuss:

  • Competing at World Championships with no ligaments left in her ankle.
  • The pile of injuries that led to her injury-retirement from UCLA.
  • How she met her super-hot, French, tennis coach husband at Florida.
  • What was Rhonda thinking as her team made uncharacteristic falls at Regionals.
  • What it was like living away from home with Phoebe Mills and then the Kristie Phillips family.
  • Being a Karolyi Kid; one of the first crop of gymnasts to train with Nadia’s coaches when they first came to the US.
  • If there were any perks, like extra leo sparkles for becoming national champions.

Mackenzie Caquatto won a silver medal with the US team at the Rotterdam World Championships in 2010. Then she became a key player at the University of Florida and led the Gators to their first ever, national championship.

  • Can having a boyfriend actually improve a girl’s gymnastics?
  • Choosing artistic gymnastics over rhythmic gymnastics.
  • The injury that ended her elite career and landed her in a wheelchair two years in a row.
  • How college improved her consistency and confidence on beam.
  • How her elite coaches and college coaches worked together to help her reach her goals to compete for the US.
  • Her suggestions for improving the team dynamic in elite gymnastics to improve the confidence and experience of elite gymnasts.

Announcement! The first ever GymCastic Meet-up is happening at the NCAA Championships. Come join us for a drinky-poo and gym-nerd out with your people!

When: 3:30-4:30 on Saturday, April 19th before Super-Six Finals.

WhereTodd English Pub, right behind the parking structure at BJCC arena.  It’s only a three minute walk to the meet from here. The address is: 2221 Richard Arrington Jr. Blvd. N, Birmingham, AL 35203.

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