The No. 1 Gymnastics Podcast in the Galaxy



The Best Gymnastics Podcast in the Galaxy

The podcast you’ve been waiting your whole life for! Inarguably, the best gymnastics podcast in the history of the universe. A weekly talk show with interviews, opinions, and analysis for fans by the wittiest, wisest fans in the game. Check out GymCastic in the press.

About The Hosts

Find out all about the hosts in Episode 100 here.

Jessica O’Beirne

Jessica O’Beirne‘s mission in life is to make gymnastics as popular as the NFL. No, seriously, she’s not kidding. She is the creator and producer of the show. Before GymCastic took over her life, she worked tirelessly to assure that gymnasts knew they could continue to do the sport throughout their lifetime for health, fitness and fun over at (featured here in the New York Times). She has written for International Gymnast magazine, the LA Times and Huffington Post. Follow her at @OtotheBeirne.

Spencer Barnes

Spencer Barnes has been a devoted fan of gymnastics ever since Svetlana Boguinskaya and Lilia Podkopayeva rescued him from the clutches of a sea monster and brought him to a beautiful island paradise, although that may have been a dream. He is firmly committed to shouting the virtues of NCAA gymnastics from all available rooftops, hills, and stepstools and believes that all floor routines should strive to communicate the sorrow of a nation through the medium of toe point. He can normally be found detailing bizarre commentator moments and obsessing over who deserved a 9.875 at his blog, The Balance Beam Situation, and on Twitter @TheBBSituation.

Steve Cooper

Coop, Factchecker, Mr. OtotheBeirne, Scooper... is a journalist with over two decades of writing, reporting and editing experience that started at Entrepreneur and continued with Bloomberg, Forbes, The Huffington Post, BusinessWeek, Orange County Business Journal, TheStreet and many others. He also writes books, works on websites and does many other things. He has a degree in journalism from San Francisco State University.
Disclaimer: Coop co-authored “Life is Short, Don’t Wait to Dance” with UCLA Gymnastics head coach Valorie Kondos Field. He is also co-authoring "Doing it Differently" with Simone Biles' former coach Aimee Boorman. And he's married to the founder of GymCastic. Follow him on Twitter at @socaljourno.

Dr. Uncle Tim, Ph.D.

Dr. Uncle Tim, Ph.D. (yes, he has a real-life doctorate) is our historian and news aggregator. He speaks a lot of languages, can do a back tuck on beam, once gymnastics busked in front of the Collesium in Rome; and when he coached, survived many little kid farts. Now he researches and corrects the past at Uncle Tim was one of the four original GymCastic hosts along with Blythe Lawrence, Spanny Tampson and Jessica.

Dr. Kensley Behel, Ph.D.

Kensley is our men's gymnastics expert. Kensley became involved in men's collegiate gymnastics after emailing a coach to see if she could be a volunteer water girl for the Michigan Men's Team - they countered and offered her a paid position as the team's event manager. She has run the floor at the 2014 NCAA Men's Gymnastics Championships and the 2015 BIG Women's Gymnastics Championships. As a freelance journalist, she has covered elite gymnastics in the U.S., Canada, Germany, Scotland, and Japan. Kensley earned her Ph.D. at the University of North Texas studying Performing Arts Health. Follow her coverage of men’s gymnastics at Neutral Deductions.


The best gymnastics podcast in the history of the universe. A weekly talk show with interviews, opinions and analysis for fans by the wittiest, wisest fans in the game.

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