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We made it to 100! This is the shamelessly vainglorious episode where we answer all of your questions about our irrelevant personal lives, and the origins of show. This week, Dr. Uncle Tim, Blythe, Evan and Jessica chat about:

  • Marta’s very positive comments on Gabby Douglas, who made a triumphant return to camp!
  • An intimate moment accidentally recorded in the background during the interviews
  • Since Bill Cosby is saving Temple Men’s Gymnastics, should the team now wear Cosby sweater uniforms?
  • Evan reveals a grand secret that even Jessica didn’t know about; and his most embarrassing on-assignment moment, as captured by NBC.
  • Major changes for Olympic hopeful, Lexie Priessman, who left Cincinnati Gymnastics.
  • How much sleep does Blythe get when she’s on assignment at a World Championships?
  • Play along with Dr. Uncle Tim for our very own quiz show based on the past 100 episodes.
  • Why are only 19% of the gymnastics federations headed by women?
  • The Commonwealth Games have been announced and our favorite twerker made the team.
  • We reveal plans to form our own country in order to recruit the best gymnastics team in the world–including stamps, flag and signature beverages.
  • Uchimora dominates per usual and Kenzo makes his case for Worlds.
  • Gymnasts, coaches and summer vacation–Evan gives wise advice.
  • Bailey Key and Roxanna Popa are training Amanar’s

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Details on the fundraiser with BILL COSBY for the Temple Men’s gymnastics team.

Pro Gymnastics Challenge streaming Wednesday, June 24th at 9pm Eastern.

The Nike Pro Sparkling Sunburst tights as worn by Ms. Gabby Douglas, Olympic Champion (available here).

gabby douglas in sunburst nike tights
Gabby Douglas and Lloimincia Hall at Nike.

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Real leg? Who needs that? Liana has a prosthetic leg for beam that works just fine thanks.

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10 years ago

Congratulations on the 100th episode!!!!! Also Dr Uncle Tim, congratulations, that’s a huge achievement!

The title of this episode alone is enough hahaha! I loved hearing about all your passions and stuff besides gymnastics! You’re basically exactly like I thought you’d be, especially Jess and her moss. AND YOU’RE A LIBRARIAN!!!!!!!!! I’m so jealous of your life right now.
Hahahaha jeopardy was great!
I’m still confused about why GB competes as GB at Worlds.. In the football World Cup only England qualified, not a unified GB team. Idk their rules, but it’s just really weird to me that it’s not the same across sports. Not that it’s related to CWG in any way haha.

I also don’t know if it’s true, but isn’t the sound frequency thing also the reason that some people can sing and others can’t? Thought I heard or read something like that. People that can sing have less of a difference in frequency between how they hear their voice and how we hear them. Something like that.

Thanks for the fun episode!

10 years ago

Congrats on the 100th episode, you guys! Gymcastics rocks!
Is there a website that explain gymnastics skill, preferable with gifs. As a newbie, I sometimes got lost when you guys just say: “A full back, double double, whip, punch out arabian, yurchenko”. I was like: “What was that???”
I found this very helpful :
Would be great if there are skill explanation for the men too.

10 years ago
Reply to  Julianna has a page for each event with gifs for almost every skill. Just for women’s gymnastics though, I don’t know about MAG.

10 years ago
Reply to  Alyssia

Thanks Alyssia. This is what I’m looking for. Still, if there’s any suggestions for the men, I’d appreciate it.

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