Behind The Scenes: Tokyo Olympics Women’s All-Around Final

by | Jul 29, 2021 | Behind The Scenes, Club Content

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Today our instant takes from watching the women’s AA final!

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  1. Stand in a Lunge


    • Elyse Adams

      Has Tom Forster done ANY press yet? Or has he forgotten how to speak….

  2. chad connally

    How did Suni’s change back to 3 passes for the AA final effect her D / E scores?

    • Doug1233

      She loses one tenth in D. It’s totally worth dropping the Double Tuck.

      • Susan Roger 702.350.0644

        Any idea where Laurent was during women team finals? I thought he was head coach.

  3. magical diva

    I got real real skurrrred that suni was going to lose by a wolf turn

    • Signe Vahlkvist

      Hi, did not gear the US girls cheering for Angelina Dyring Beam, which was soo sweet, and made med blive in the World as a food Palace again. Live from Denmark

  4. Lauren King

    What a great meet!

    • Doug1233

      Melnikova’s FX score was a total gift. Jess Gadirova got a 13.7 with a totally clean set so a 13.933 for Melnikova with clear errors was too high. Urazova should have won bronze.

    • Maura Hulsey

      If you can do the stuff Suni did on that makeshift beam you can do anything

  5. Jennifer Harper

    How does Urazova not get nailed on her vault E score when she actually LANDS with her legs still crossed?

  6. Larissa Jorgensen

    Suni won the medal but Jade won the leotard game tonight for sure!

    • Emily Downs

      Talk about a STUNNING leo

  7. Kari Haberman

    What’s the over/under % that Suni goes to NCAA now?!??!?!?

  8. Allison DiLuigi

    Wolf turns. Ugly AND scary. Gotta go! Lol

  9. Maura Hulsey

    Suni played it all so smart!

  10. Maura Hulsey

    Can Suni cash in and still go to Auburn? I certainly hope so! New house for her family customized for her Dad would be so great!

  11. Jordyn Kent

    How many different routines does Suni Lee have in total? Between all the events, she could have a ton of different combinations of routines

  12. Karla

    How many times did Jess have to grab Scott or Lauren for support?

  13. Kerry Sullivan

    If Suni does go to Auburn, will she be the first all around champion to compete in NCAA?

  14. Kristin Judd

    So proud of Suni!

  15. Erin Peterson

    Its amazing Suni was able to stay on bars with that set! Really stayed calm even when she was visibly off. Will she push for that again during bars finals for a higher D?

  16. Larissa Jorgensen

    Can anyone else not see jessica?

  17. ademideadedokun

    Is Rebeca the first “first” to do it in AA instead of an event final? I hope this question makes sense.

  18. Liz Wilson

    Do we think Suni will still go on to do NCAA?

  19. Alison Lyons

    What are the chances that Suni actually gets to enjoy being the AA champ – without the “non-Simone” asterisk? I think it’s super important to give credit where credit is due, and to not speak of Suni as “the one who won in a non-Simone Olympics,” like Morgan in 2017.

  20. Tessa Bunge

    I’m sorry but I am not really a fan of Nina’a gymnastics. Her feet are always flexed! Unpopular opinion I know

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