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Episode 7: Ruggeri, FIG Elections, Geddert on Goodbyes & Halloween Costumes Ideas

Paul Ruggeri

This week we interview multi-time NCAA Champion and elite standout, Paul Ruggeri to find out what makes this fan favorite so unique. We discuss FIG elections, Nastia’s new agent, Geddert’s latest blog post, Jake Dalton’s clothing line, the genius Chetkovich Cup, winners of the Northern European Championships, NBC’s alleged mistranslation of a Khorkina interview and give you tons of Halloween costume ideas.

And Paul takes Uncle Tim’s MAG Athlete Oath:

I, Paul Ruggeri,
take you, Pommel Horse,
to be my one true love.
I promise to be true to you in good times and in bad,
in sickness and in health,
and even when the other events seem more titillating.
Though you are inherently boring for gymnastics fans,
on my honor,
I will try to make you popular,
even if that means I have to gyrate on top of you
in competition.
In the name of Kurt Thomas and his flares,

The deadline for the costume contest and to win the shirt of your choice from Cloud&Victory is Thursday, November 1st. 

Cloud & Victory shirts

Show Links:

Dalton’s clothing line:

Tatiana Gutu wearing a back-warmer a la Elite Sportz Bands.

Blythe’s story on Northern Euro Championships.

Peter Vidmar story Jess refers to “Beyond Gymnastics with Peter Vidmar”

Khorkina Fluff with alleged mistranslation video is below. Russian speakers, please give us a second opinion on this! Rachael says,” For example, at one point the translation reads “I have been great for a long time”. The literal translation is “I don’t want to be called strong… quote” (It’s about 1:44 in the video).”


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11 years ago

How do you enter the costume contest?

11 years ago
Reply to  Nicole

Just send us a photo new or old via Twitter, Facebook or email gymcastic

11 years ago

Confirmed: Ann (from Parks and Rec) was dressed up as Gabby!

11 years ago


Nick Mann
Nick Mann
11 years ago

Love GymCastic!!!

So…I know there were ties at the 2009 and 2010 WC’s, so I would assume that the no-tie rule is that of the IOC and not the FIG.

11 years ago

This is translation of what Khorkina was speaking in the video:
You can’t get all the money in the world.
Yes, there is crisis.
But i was born in Russia, and i will stay and live in Russia.
I’m absolutely not worried, I know that their presence …
I like it when they call me diva.
As far as i understand, diva is some magical creature, as far as I understand.
…as much as a mother of own children…
I don’t want to be strong in quotes.
I’m saying that it’s my last ball, my last Olympics
I would only go there and take what’s mine.

11 years ago

There are couple of phrases that just sound weird, incomplete. Like they cut her mid-sentence

11 years ago
Reply to  Yuri

Thanks! We will definitely talk about what this on next week’s show.

Nick Mann
Nick Mann
11 years ago

Wow…that’s a bit different from the NBC version. I have always wanted yell at Al “she had tears of personal disappointment in 1996 too…remember to AA?”. Also…what is up with Khorkina’s hair in her interview? Wasn’t she supposed to be all about fashion? It looked like she gave up by 2004.

Also…I think GymCastic should do a segment called “Little Girls Dancing” with John Tesh introducing it himself! What would the segment be about? Maybe best and worst choreographed fx routines?

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