Thank You! – Ringtones

Thank you for supporting the podcast! You are now a full member of Club Gym Nerd:

  1. Access to two very special wheeze-giggle ringtones. Here’s how you get them:

    Click this link > You do not have to sign in > Click on the ringtones link (there are two different files for iPhone or Android) > Click the download button > Move these files to your music/ringtone manager (iTunes for iPhone, instructions here; Music Player app for Android, instructions here)

    Please note that one of them is rated R because, well… Emma and Danell Leyva made it that way.

  2. Automatically entered to win one of six super gym nerdy prizes per year.
  3. First dibs on swag for 30% off.
  4. More secret upgrades planned, just like Aly Raisman!

May the gym gods give you a Simone Biles smile and the wings of McKayla Maroney.