117: Youth Olympic Games, Romanian Nationals, Russian & Novara Cup

Sep 17, 2014 | GymCastic, Podcast

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The Youth Olympic Games artistic gymnastics champions.


In the News

This week Bea, Blythe, Emma and Jessica chat about:

  • Romanian Nationals
    • Could Larisa Iordache have a higher difficulty value at Worlds than Simone Biles?
    • Jessica picks her new junior superstar: Andreea Iridon.
    • The state of the Romanian World Team and the dreaded (for the seniors) bars.
  • The Swiss, Romanian, Germany Friendly meet
    • An update on Swiss stalwart, Gulia Steinbruger.
    • Germany’s steller bar workers are getting it done!
  • Youth Olympic Games
    • The most overwhelming display of affection and sportsmanship we’ve ever seen in the history of gymnastics.
    • The educational component of the YOG that none of us knew about!
    • Becky Downie pushing her coach away from the camera to stop from dying of teenage embarrassment.
    • Vault final was won by a Chinese gymnast, Wang Yan with a big 14.783
    • Giarnni Regini-Moran, another sign of the next super power is British Gymnastics.
  • Novara Cup
    • The fan insanity/zero security for athletes at Italian gymnastics meets.
    • The return of veterans, Joana Adlerteg (SWE) and Julie Crocket (BEL).
  • Russian Cup
    • The return of Victoria Komova on bars from her growth spurt and injury.
    • Aliya Mustafina is back, with a vengence!
    • The glorious zero-craps-given attitude of Tatiana Nabiyeva.
  • Sandra Isbasa to do Romanian Dancing With The Stars.

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