Gym Nerd Poll: The 2014 NCAA Gymnastics Championships

You gotta love the fact that the NCAA spelled the word competition incorrectly. We, here, at GymCastic like to combine opinions and sexy data whenever possible. So, we polled our gym nerds about the upcoming NCAA Gymnastics Championships. Here are the favorites,...

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Gym Nerd Poll: The 2014 American Cup

Hip! Hip! Hooray! The American Cup is our first FIG event of 2014! As you know, we love to collect sexy data about your opinions. So, here's what you predicted, gym nerds! On the men's side, gymnasts can have skills named after them at World Cup events, and John...

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Episode 59: Gym Nerd Poll

Between November 28 and 30, gymnastics unicorns like Oksana Chusovitina will be in Acapulco to compete in the  Mexican Open. That same weekend, more gymnastics unicorns like Elizabeth Price will be in Stuttgart, contending for a World Cup title. Of course, we wanted...

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Episode 58: Gym Nerd Poll

During episode 58, we covered a lot of topics, and as always, we wanted to know what you thought. Perhaps the most pressing question is, Who would win in an arm wrestling match? Jordyn Wieber or Ryan Wieber? As Jessica pointed out, Jordyn "looks like she could walk...

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Gym Nerd Poll: Tim Daggett Followup Questions

During our interview with Tim Daggett, he raised some perennial gymnastics questions. For example, do you miss the perfect 10? Is balance beam artistic anymore? As always, we wanted to know your answers! And here's what we found out…   Undoubtedly, your favorite...

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Survey: Pro Gymnastics Challenge

Calling all GymNerds! We want your opinion.  While we are on hiatus this week, we have a pair of surveys to quench your gymnastics thirst. Here is the first one. Is there anything better than giving your opinion? Exactly. Let it rip.

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Simone Biles was in the most tweets of any U.S. Olympian in Tokyo Games | Pew Research Center https://buff.ly/3AknqpI