Gym Nerd Poll: The 2014 American Cup

by | Feb 24, 2014 | Poll


Hip! Hip! Hooray! The American Cup is our first FIG event of 2014!

As you know, we love to collect sexy data about your opinions. So, here’s what you predicted, gym nerds!

On the men’s side, gymnasts can have skills named after them at World Cup events, and John Orozco’s thinking about competing a new skill at the American Cup. He attempted it on day 1 of the Winter Cup. Watch his first pass below:

Here are your thoughts on whether John should throw the “Orozco” in competition.

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Megan Laplante
7 years ago

dang,no one has faith in Ferarri. I think she’ll def medal here if not take it. maybe a lot of American,younger fans haven’t heard of her?

A reminder that we will be live blogging every day from inside the arena to provide insights on things broadcast and not. Once competition completes, we will talk with athletes then record our #podcast.
Thank you club members! #gymnastics #tokyo2020