Gym Nerd Poll: Tim Daggett Followup Questions

by | Nov 1, 2013 | Poll

Tim Daggett - Triple

During our interview with Tim Daggett, he raised some perennial gymnastics questions. For example, do you miss the perfect 10? Is balance beam artistic anymore? As always, we wanted to know your answers! And here’s what we found out…


Undoubtedly, your favorite gymnastics commentator is Shannon Miller.

By the way, in the other category, responses included: Liz Chetkovich, Alicia Sacramone, and Spanny Tampson, among others.

When forced to choose between the 10.0 and the open-ended system, many of you opted for the open-ended system. Hmm… Interesting! We thought the results would be a little closer!

All right, gym nerds, which balance beam routines from 2013 are artistic?

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  1. Laurelin Lewis

    Tim Daggett is my favorite commentator for a couple of reasons. First he’s so passionate about the sport and it comes across in his commentating. Secondly, he’s always good for a catch phrase, “gymnastics 101…” Or “like a knife into a stick of butter…” Or my most recent favorite, “a little later on, this routine will just get absurd.” Even my non-gymnastics-following husband can pull out a Tim Daggett catch phrase!

  2. Anna

    Hands down – Suzanne Yoculan

  3. Supergymmie

    I love Kyle he is such a insightfull, passionate and adorable commentator. I like Tim too (started liking him after hearing this interview last year) but not as a commentator for NBC. maybe if he had his own Sports network for gymnerds.. He seems like a great coach, person and even commentator – just not for NBC.

  4. Sara

    Oh man it was hard to pick my favorite commentator. Shannon was great at the Olympics, but I’ve enjoyed Bart’s consistently and John was great too. ALSO! I feel like I have to qualify my answer about the 10 system. I like the new E score and D score way of judging, but I hate that now no one will ever score a 10 in execution. There have been routines that shouldve earned it(Maroney TF vault in London) but the system is so convoluted now that no 10 will ever be awarded and that is a shame.

  5. Nick Mann

    For fun reasons, I love Monica Phelps 🙂

    • Bernard

      Oh, and completely second Monica Phelps. Dry as gin. Would love to see her commentating NCAA. Loved everything about her broadcasts (except the chunky comment – that was not ok).

  6. Ryno5656

    2013 Artistic Beam Nominations: Aliya and Vasiliki.

  7. Bernard

    Hmm, this is just a theory, but here goes. Often tend to see people on the gymternet lamenting for the perfect ten, with no one advocating for the new scoring system. Is it because it’s a more cool opinion to put out there, that you want to perfect ten back? Is that the thing to do to fit in with gymternet hipsters? (The kind who dismiss any 2006 onwards beam routine because it’s not Svetlana Grozdova)

    Because the poll is anonymous, people are more likely to express their true opinions. It seems logical we’d prefer to see more full twists on beam versus countless beat and wolf jumps.

    Anyway, I guess what I’m wondering is, is it uncool to like the new code, because people might think you just enjoy gymnastics for the ultra difficult skills? Is there anything wrong with liking gymnastics purely for that reason?

    • PoisonedPizza

      Ha! “gymternet hipsters”. Good one, never saw it that way, but it makes total sense.

      • Daniel


  8. Alyssia

    Following Uncle Tim’s recent post on artistry, we can use the ideas of gymnasts making skills their own and finding new and interesting ways to show and connect skills to define artistry. In that case, I found Aliya’s beam artistic, e.g. connecting switch half to onodi to double turn (sometimes). No one else does that, opposed to front aerial-bhs-layout step out for example. Also Larisa Iordache, whose hand and arm movements I would recognise out of hundreds. Just some quick obvious examples.

  9. gymnasthole

    For me, far and way the most artistic of these worlds were Kyla Ross. She may not have the most unique or difficult elements, but it was a true performance on each apparatus. Nice carriage, fluidity, grace, poise and composure. That is what defines artistry for me. A few more tenths in difficulty, and she will be tough to beat.

  10. Christian

    I was going to say I hadn’t seen any artistic beam since the 80s, but then I remembered Li Li … and then Fan Ye … and then how much I enjoyed some of the EYOF routines, like Eythora Thorsdottir, Andreea Iridon and my secret favourite Tutya Yilmaz (the Turkish girl who walloped off the bars; she has a lovely mount sequence). Catherine Lyons too of course. I’m not sure what it says that I can’t think of any artistic beam routines in the senior ranks, but whatever …

    As for the 10 … what a gym fan needs to know from seeing the score is, basically, whether it’s good or not. The good thing about the 10 was that you always knew what the ‘perfect’ score was, but what constituted a ‘good’ score changed every darn quad just like the current scoring system, so actually I don’t think it was any less complicated. I mean surely in 2005 you still had to explain to your non-gym-fan watching-buddies why a stuck vault was getting ‘only’ a 9.400 in the same way you have to explain things now?

    The disparity between VT and the other apparatus was only going to get worse, as well. Most top elites could make a 10.00 start value on the other apparatus because there were lots of ways to make that start-value based on your skill set, but on VT as the vaults got more difficult only, like, a Prod or an Amanar would get you a 10.00. So everyone’s start scores on VT sucked … Not to mention the fact that the way the start values were calculated was at least as complicated then as now. At least now they can just add everything up rather than having to find an artificial way to make it max out at 10.

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