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Episode 58: Gym Nerd Poll

Jordyn Wieber vs Ryan WieberDuring episode 58, we covered a lot of topics, and as always, we wanted to know what you thought. Perhaps the most pressing question is, Who would win in an arm wrestling match? Jordyn Wieber or Ryan Wieber? As Jessica pointed out, Jordyn “looks like she could walk through a crowd and crush people’s skulls with her hands.” Jess even suggested that Ryan might be a little jealous of his sister’s buffness. What do you think?

Also, in case you have not seen Paul Ruggeri’s uneven bar routine, here’s a link to the video.

And Jordyn Wieber CRUSHES her brother. (Our listeners aren’t biased–not at all!)

Wow! Make It or Break It wasn’t totally crazy. We guess that gymnastics fans like to see guys try the women’s events. (Or maybe Paul is just the exception to the rule?)

Oo! This one is too close to call!

USAG and FIG, we hope that you’re reading this!


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10 years ago

Let’s see. Where should I begin with this poll.

1. Jordyn will obviously win an arm wrestling match with Ryan. Gymnasts conditionin is no joke!

2. I love Ruggeri and all, and Paul’s UB routine is entertaining for what it is, but it’s definitely not the best thing ever. If this was a real routine, he would get so many deductions, it’s not even funny lol.

3. I definitely DO NOT want gymnasts to have a kiss and cry area. Many gymnasts don’t even want to know their scores during the meet. I think they should stay focused on their remaining events and not have to pull focus from other events by sitting there worrying about scores and placements. Depending on their rotation order, and with scores being delayed to due judging discrepancies, a lot of times they barely have time to tape and prepare much less time to sit with their coach and “kiss and cry”. Leave that to the figure skaters who only have one program to perform, and they’re done for the day!

4. And, I’m with the majority. I think if I would like to see any other discipline, it would be Acro, followed by Trampoline.

My Two Cents.

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