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Episode 58: Charlotte Drury, Fall Euro Series & NCAA De-commits

Gymnastics royalty Charlotte Drury, McKayla Maroney and Kyla Ross
Charlotte Drury and her royal court, McKayla Maroney and Kyla Ross.

The fall European series is in full swing and we’ve got the latest news: Larisa Iordache at the Arthur Gander Memorial; Oleg Verniaiev busts a Kato at the Swiss Cup; Al Fong tells USAG they missed their chance with Brenna Dowell; an update on Jordyn Wieber; the great Ksenia Afanasyeva and her shorts at the Gala de Estrellas in Mexico; Bogi calls herself a bitchPeng Peng Lee has preventable (?) knee surgery; Svetlana Boginskaya coaching Anna PavlovaVasiliki MillousiPaul Ruggeri and Tomas “Porn ‘Stach” Gonzalez at the Tournoi de Schiltigheim; the Irish National Champion, Luke Carson, has a brilliant fundraising idea; and we hypothesize about the continuing defections from University of Georgia.

Our guest this week is a rare breed. She was plucked from a gymnastics class like Nadia was from her classroom for a serious training group at a young age. The other members of her group at National Gymnastics Training Center and later Gym-Max are artistic gymnastics royalty; her lifelong friends, Olympic Champions Kyla Ross and McKayla Maroney came back from Belgium to give her advice going into her first World Championship this week –  but it won’t be in artistic gymnastics. She followed a different path to success and happiness. This week we talk to trampoline National Champion, Charlotte Drury. She is a tremendous spokesperson for trampoline and the gymnastics for life movement. We absolutely loved talking to her.  You can watch Charlotte compete with commentary by the one and only Mitch Fenner on the USAG and FIG YouTube channels.

The winner of our Halloween Costume Contest is, Zombie Gymnast Maddie! Congratulations! We hope you enjoy your poster from Cloud & Victory.

2013 Halloween Costume Contest winner
Zombie Gymnast by Maddie. The trophy as blunt force weapon…we approve.

Interview with Kyla Ross
Interview with Justin Millerbernd
Blythe’s report on the Arthur Gander Memorial and Tournoi Schiltigheim.
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Video of Charlotte Drury at the  Elite Challenge
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10 years ago

Aw what happened to the sound mixing! The sound effects and commercials were far louder 🙁 Hope you can fix that again!
Very very enjoyable podcast otherwise 🙂 Afanasyeva was wearing a Mexico leo, so I’m thinking it wasn’t hers and perhaps it was just cut out too high for her liking or something.
But what about Eythora Thorsdottir’s beam routine, or Aliya’s switch half-onodi-double turn connection? I mean those are both pretty original, no one else performs those routines like they do. Wouldn’t that be considered artistry? Sometimes I think you guys hang on to the old days a little too much. (Not a criticism, just an observation!)

10 years ago

I have mixed feelings about Oleg as a gymnast but UGH there is no denying he’s god’s gift to the parallel bars …

9 years ago

On YouTube, someone with the screen name wonderglory sent a message to Charlotte Drury. The message suggested she write an article about herself on Wikipedia. Hopefully, she may respond. She was also wished luck in doing so.

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