Gym Nerd Poll: The 2014 NCAA Gymnastics Championships

by | Apr 14, 2014 | Poll

The Top Scores from the 2014 NCAA Regionals

You gotta love the fact that the NCAA spelled the word competition incorrectly.

We, here, at GymCastic like to combine opinions and sexy data whenever possible. So, we polled our gym nerds about the upcoming NCAA Gymnastics Championships. Here are the favorites, according to the gymternet.

*Gymnasts and teams that received less than 1% of the vote are not depicted in these charts.

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  1. Cara

    My AA pick is Samantha Peszek. See you in Birmingham!

  2. Maria

    I’m totally rooting for LSU or Oklahoma; Aaand I want my girl Lindsay “Precision” Mable to win everything!!!!!!! If she doesn’t I might be crying at work on Monday and that might be kind of hard to explain to my co-workers. Most of whom give me strange looks when I say I am a gym-fan.

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