90: The 2014 Women’s NCAA Championships! Plus details from the Ljubljana World Cup, Korean Meet and Romania takes on Belgium and France

Apr 23, 2014 | GymCastic, Meets, Podcast

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Oklahoma sophomore, Haley Scaman (L), co-national champions Oklahoma and Florida, Florida senior Mackenzie Caquatto embraces Alaina Johnson (R).


In the News

In the news, Jess, Uncle Tim, and Spencer from our absolute, hands-down favorite NCAA gymnastics analysis website, The Balance Beam Situation, chat about :

  • The Ljubljana World Cup – the return of Ana Pavlova with a win on bars, Danny Pinheiro-Rodrigues with his light as a feather-stiff as a board inspired, super-human skill on rings and Mr. Oleg Verniaiev winning two events.
  • The Korea Meet – Louis Smith beat Krisztian Berki (woah!), Brandon Wynn gold, Yang “The God of Vault” Hak Seon debuted a new vault and why Olivia Vivian and John Orozco should be on Dancing With The Stars.
  • Komova’s latest injury and Ferlitto is forced to pull out of Euros.
  • Romania vs. Belgium vs. France –  Iordache won everything, Diana Bulimar impresses in her comeback and we fall in love with a buttery french chocolate- eclair of a routine from France’s Loan His.
  • Jessica gives us a behind the scenes and hotel bar report from NCAA Championships!
  • Home Court Advantage: Is it really possible to have a “neutral site” host the meet?
  • Scoring: The results of Spencer’s analysis from NCAA’s compared to the regular season and previous seasons. Was it higher or lower than regular season on each event? You’ll find out why Jessica had to scream until she lost her voice.
  • The most ROBBED gymnasts of the meet: Lindsey Cheek!
  • Our favorite individuals and event specialists: Kalliah McCartney, Marie Case, Alexis Gunzelman, Lindsay “Precision” Mabel, Hanna Nordquist, Chayse Capps, and gymternet heartthrob Katherine Grable.
  • The painfully long wait Oklahoma had to endure before finding out they had won the first ever NCAA Championship.
  • Brandi Jay’s accidental double twisting yurchenko.
  • The Senior Curse: how the NCAA time-line effects performance.
  • Is the Age of Dynasties over as the age of Ninja Level 10’s begins?

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