The Most Annoying People To Watch Gymnastics With

by | Mar 21, 2014 | Articles

If you don’t follow Dorkly already, you should. They understand your nerd needs. Dorkly has the most fabulous, nerdtastic, humor-filled comics. This one just had to be adapted for gymnastics. So, Ms. Spanny Tampson worked her magic. If you are watching gymnastics with one of these seven characters this weekend, we sympathize.

Here is the full weekend schedule of NCAA and elite gymnastics both on television and streaming, compliments of USA Gymnastics. Look forward to our full recap of Jesolo, NCAA Conference Championships and a chat with Georgia coach, Danna Durante on this week’s podcast.

Dorkly gymnastics 1


Dorkly 2

Dorkly 3

Dorkly 4

Dorkly 5

Dorkly 6

Dorkly 7


  1. lilah

    how about that annoying “helpful” phone call I get from relatives who think they are informing that there’s gymnastics on tv, like I haven’t had the date on my calendar for weeks if not months.

  2. Carol

    Never ever again should artistic gymnasts be identified in the Pac 12 or any other competition by numbers written on their legs.

  3. Full Gymnastics Blog

    hahahhaha I know how it\’s that! My mom always watch it with me and she the one who, when a gymnast does a simple FTY no VT, scream \”OH MY GOSHHHHHHHHH\” hahahaha

  4. Susie

    Usually I watch alone since none of my friends are into gymnastics *sniff sniff*, but on the rare occasion that I have someone watching with me, they are usually a combination of the Newb and the Overreactor.

  5. T2

    My husband watched part of Day 2 of Nationals with me the other day, and he happened to witness Biles\’ FX. He said it was \”perfect\” and was mad that she didn\’t get a perfect score. 🙂

  6. alexandra

    like my mom talking scores “oh but I prefer the other girl to this one” and I’m like “but mom the other did a 2 1/2 and this only did a double” and she is like “oh but I don’t care if she does 2 or 2 1/2” …

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