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189: Blinded by the Swag 2016 American Cup

gabby douglas purple leotard floor pose american cup 2016
Gabby Douglas won the American Cup (photo courtesy of USA Gymnastics)


In the News

In the news, NCAA Champion and former US men’s national team member, Stacey Ervin joins Uncle Tim, Lauren, and Jessica chat about:

  • Why the American Cup and NBC’s coverage of it, sucks so hard (1:07:45).
  • Our favorite routines or moments from the American Cup and Nastia Cup:
    • Carlotta Ferlito floor performance and elegance. 
    • This genius routine from Helen Hu
    • The best vault of the weekend from Rachael Lukcas
    • Tabea Alt’s (GER) bad ass side aerial loso loso beam routine glory.
    • Tisha Vollman’s (NED) pandering but extremely well done ode to Brazil floor choreography. 
  • Gabby Douglas won her second but first official win at the American Cup, her wisdom despite Marta questioning her preparation, Jess’s concerns about her vault technique.
  • Instructions for the national anthem : what not to do. (21:00)
  • Maggie Nichols
    • New beam routine and it’s many many wolf turns. 
    • (40:00) Can Maggie’s increased difficulty beat Gabby or will Gabby throw everything at the last minute before Rio.
    • How the hell was Carlotta Ferlitio’s E score on floor lower than Maggie’s – an analysis
  • The politics of African American hair and stupid gymternet comments (31:00)
  • Men’s American Cup and the Elite Team Cup
    • Stacey gives us insight into the why this was a complete splat-fest 
    • What was wrong with the floor?!
    • (48:40) Would John Orozco’s score from the Elite Team Cup really beaten Kato
    • Why the men’s Elite Team Cup was better than the American Cup 
    • (1:01:31) Stacey almost got a neutral deduction for doing “the dab” during his elite floor routine.


Our weekly roundup of the latest news stories from around the gymternet include:

  • (1:20:00) Simone was finally on Ellen!
  • (1:23:00)The Under Armour gymnastics commercial featuring an all white team: We know Aly, Gabby and Simone can’t do the commercial because they are signed to other contracts! We are talking about the lack of diversity! Gymnastics isn’t dominated by white girls! 
  • Aliya with a gun – it was a live escape game prop.
  • Douglas Family Gold has an official Facebook page, Oyxgen network premiers May 25th. We can’t wait!
  • (1:28:51) Stacey Ervin shares his wardrobe malfunction moment during a floor routine. 
  • Thema Williams Trinidad Olympic level slut shaming update. The T&T gymnastics federation are looking pretty bad right now. 
  • Your feedback on concussions and questions about tumbling finish positions. 


  • (1:36:35) What we have heard from insiders about why ASU coach, Rene Lyst was put on indefinite administrative leave. 
  • “Boob-Tape Olympics” the NCAA meet where every team had backless bras:
    • Stanford beat Georgia who beat UCLA
    • Brittany Rogers and Danusia Francis earned well deserved 10 on vault.
    • Ebee officially robbed of a 10 twice in one meet! A judge literally ran out the door with two tens under her arm. We have called the gymnastics police.


gymcastic pac rim tickets


What: The GymCastic Mock Press Conference Contest

Prize: Two all-session passes to the 2016 Pac Rim Championships in Everett, WA April 8-10

How: Hold a mock press conference as if you have won the contest. Record yourself (or friend, pet, stuffed animal etc.) answering any question as if you have won. Tag us on Instagram or Twitter using #PacRimPC  (PC as in press conference). One entry per day.

Example: Pretending you have won and are at a press conference held in your honor, “I’m so happy I won! I’m going to take best friend because she’s obsessed with Simone Biles and Coach Aimee’s hair”

Sample Questions:

  • What does this win mean to you?
  • What were your goals coming into this contest?
  • As a superfan, the expectations are high, what kind of fan shenanigans do you have planned for the meet?
  • With this win, have you silenced the haters?

Deadline: April 3rd

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8 years ago

Yes on Maggie’s tumbling form. She is clean, then all of a sudden flips, and its gone to shit, but then purdy pretty. lol Her double double is poo poo.

8 years ago

In response to the backless leotards things; I can only speak from personal experience but I was heavily discouraged from starting gymnastics when I became very interested after the \’08 Olympics, I was 10/11 and already fairly full figured. I was told point blank by several people I didn\’t have the right body type and directed towards volleyball instead. I hate to say it but a fuller chested girl probably wouldn\’t get to the NCAA level for the boob tape to be a problem. Not because of her ability but because of discouragement from peers. All that said I sincerely hope that NCAA programs allow team members to have input on what leos they have to wear.

8 years ago
Reply to  Anon

While I do agree with you to a certain extent if you watch lots of NCAA gym there are gymnasts who have fuller chests. Even at the elite level Alicia Sacramone when she was 20-24 for example would have most likely not wanted to wear one of those backless leos because unless your breasts are very tiny it would be SUPER uncomfortable.

8 years ago

As to the NBC coverage- I used a VPN so I could watch the interantional stream 🙂

But at one point they were showing a picture of McKayla M. And her stuck vault. And Al T said someting to the line of “oh, I remember that.. Great bars… Or what event is that?”

And Nastia said “Vault! It is called vault!”

I died!!! I love Nastia! Anyways- you would think he would know SOMETHING after being forced to watch the sport for so many years! Id he purposefully trying to be ignorant?!?

8 years ago

The 2016 American Cup wasn\’t my FAVORITE meet ever. I honestly wanted to go and murder NBC for posting false results lol. But I LOVED the Nastia Cup. Rachael Luckacs, Andrea Li, and Helen Hu are my new favorites. I REALLY want Andy Li and Helen Hu to try elite. We can definitely use Andy Li\’s artistry…..

8 years ago
Reply to  Anon

I agree. I was so bored by the American Cup this year. I was so disappointed. The Nastia Cup was amazing! The level of competition was so much higher and it was so much fun to see all the promising new athletes coming up and all the future NCAA gymnastics stars! Plus, Nastia and Tim are so much more entertaining when they’re commentating without Trautwig. Seriously, NBC should get rid of Trautwig, he’s a downer. Oh and hey, are you guys planning any GymNerd get together at NCAAs this year?

Ashley DBD
Ashley DBD
8 years ago

Solution to having a better American cup…host it in Salt Lake City where there is a large gymnastics fan base that isn’t afraid to cheer. Also have Greg Marsden help set it up.

Bring back the sports bras
Bring back the sports bras
8 years ago

Yes!!!! to stopping the backless leotard insanity in NCAA. These WOMEN are competing in a high impact sport. Even the less-endowed need more than tape. Period. It\’s ridiculous.

8 years ago

I wateched all three competitions…. Nastia Cup, American Cup, and the Regional Elite Competition. Hands down, the men\’s meet was the best of the three. The combination of the Region\’s battling it out with a senior team member contributing made it FAR more exciting than the splat-fest that was the American Cup. Please…MORE of this from USA Gymnastics!

Ashley DBD
Ashley DBD
8 years ago

In regards to Ebee. She was definitely robbed. I can’t figure out how Brittany Rogers got a ten and not Ebee. Also she is a beast on bars. So amazing.

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