61: Katelyn Ohashi Clears The Air

Nov 22, 2013 | GymCastic, Interviews, Podcast

katelyn ohashi gymnastics

Katelyn Ohashi. The beautiful art compliments of My Crazy World of Graphics.

It’s Gym MythBusters: Katelyn Ohashi Edition!

This episode is devoted entirely to the Empress of Pajama Pants & 2013 American Cup Champion, Katelyn Ohashi. she puts an end to the rumors by answering true or false to the gymternet’s burning questions: Is she still training at WOGA, being coached by Valerie, going level 10, injured, starring in a Disney show with Simone Biles and Victoria Moors or been escorted out of Walmart for frightening customers with her comedy pajama routines?

As mentioned in the interview, her scariest skill combo, the Ono to Healy.

It's Easy (Come, Easy Go) to Enjoy This Gymnast's Bohemian Rhapsody Floor Routine at 2021 Worlds https://buff.ly/3Bi6M9W