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Behind The Scenes: Club Gym Nerd Shareholders Meeting

2020: BTS Stockholders Meeting
Annual Gym Nerd Shareholders Meeting

Behind The Scenes: Today in our inaugural Club Gym Nerd Shareholders Meeting we discuss our budgets, expenses and why we have to increase our base club price to $4.99/month. They are charts, graphs and a deep dive into what your money pays for. Then we rank top Chinese and Romanian Olympic teams, get a follow up about Fight Club; hear about Obi becoming a real cat, blood oranges in Italy; why Chellsie’s attitude about 2008 Olympics so different from her teammates; the truth about cows and climate change; a dishes breaking soundtrack to dance; will there ever be a scenario where women and men can compete on whichever apparatus they want regardless of gender;  does government have too much control over NGB’s now for IOC’s liking; election feelings.

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