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Live From US World Team Trials

Everything that happened in Katy, Texas at the US Women’s World Team Trials, a full analysis of the team and alternates, performance highlights and what you didn’t see on the live stream.

Becky and Danusia Live Show

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Gym Nerd
1 year ago

Hi, I’m a new Club Gym Nerd Member and I’m hoping to listen to behind scenes in the apple podcast app. All of the links I’ve clicked on to do this don’t lead me to anything helpful. Any insight? Thanks!

Challis Vicary
Gym Nerd
1 year ago

What will it take for us to get Kathy Johnson-Clarke as an NBC commentator with Bart Conner and/or John Roethlisberger and/or Sam Peszek or any of the major NCAA commentators?!?! I already have a feeling Tim and Nastia will just excessively talk about Konnor the entire time at Worlds and not the athletes actually competing. And obviously so sad for Konnor and she had the potential to do really well in the AA, but I don’t think they’ll be talking about her because they actually like her but just because they have such a big WOGA/Valeri bias. Konnor probably wouldn’t have beat Andrade anyways if they both hit in the AA, and I’m worried they won’t show much of Andrade even though she’s the heavy favorite, or much of Zsofia Kovacs either. What if they do the stupid NBC drama by pitting Andrade and Jones against each other as “rivals” in the UB and AA even though they both are such positive competitors who greatly respect each other and are excited for the opportunity to compete against each other. I’m worried there’s going to be more air time spent talking about American athletes not competing at Worlds such as McClain, Biles, and Lee than the athletes actually competing. And if they’re gonna talk about every American athlete who is not at this meet at least bring up others missing such as Pauline Schafer. Probably just preaching to the choir here but I’m ‼️ just ‼️ over ‼️ it‼️

NCAA GymCastic Live Show in Fort Worth, TX April 19, 2024

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