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Behind The Scenes: March 25 2022

Welcome to Behind The Scenes!

BTS is a weekly Q&A podcast just for club gym nerd members! If there isn’t a competition, we record every Friday at noon (PST). It’s our appreciation love letter to club members for supporting the show. Here’s how to ask questions live.

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Ilka Stoffer
Gym Nerd
2 years ago

I thought of Maggie Haney signing! 😉

Susan DiLaudo
Gym Nerd
2 years ago
Reply to  Ilka Stoffer

oh as soon as Jessica asked us to guess, i was yelling at my phone,”Tom! Tom freaking signed it! TOM!!!” lolol oh funny side note–we have a foam type bar we use in gym to teach the kids how to shift their hands on bars…for years, ive called it “The Dumbbell.” i saw an ad in YT or something for the dumbbell and it was advertised as “The Forster Bar.” i thought to myself, “wait what?” so ive been called “The Forster” (bar) “The Dumbbell” this whole time?!?!

Susan DiLaudo
Gym Nerd
2 years ago
Reply to  Susan DiLaudo

been calling….sorry

Wendy E Mercer
Gym Nerd
2 years ago

Man I’d love to go to the live show.

lindsey hagan
2 years ago

Sorry for the potentially silly/off topic question. Just became a member. Is there a way to listen to the exclusive content as a podcast through iTunes? Or other streaming platforms? Thanks!

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