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Behind The Scenes: Period Synchrony is a Myth

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Behind The Scenes is the Q&A podcast we do every week just for our supporters! This week we discuss the Flo contract; self-employed work schedule advice;  new tv shows: Flack, The Servant, All Creatures Great and Small, Miss Scarlet; how trying to desensitize Obi-Wan to the car failed; accidentally being on a date and not realizing it. We answer your questions about how dolphins came to be a COVID distance measurement; emergency drills with toddlers; who Sacramone might have replaced on the 2012 Olympic team; NCAA lineup strategy and rankings; rules for floor music; if a healthy Chellsie Memmel could have knocked Nastia out of AA finals in Beijing; why commentators cannot analyze female gymnasts the way they do male athletes; The McClintock Effect: the menstrual synchrony myth which has devastated Jessica; an epic juicy tea spilling volunteer story from SCAM 2011!

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