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Behind The Scenes: Winter Cup 2022

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BTS is a weekly Q&A podcast just for club gym nerd members! It’s our appreciation love letter to club members for supporting the show. Here’s how to ask questions live.

Today on Behind The Scenes our hot takes direct from Texas at the 2022 Winter Cup. This is our first look at how Americans are interpreting the new Code of Points.

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Cathy Baker
Gym Nerd
2 years ago

I know NBCs coverage focused on just a few gymnasts but I liked watching and seeing Konnor doing well after everything. I’ve lost a father and know the grief is hard. I’m proud of her today.

Katie Foster
Gym Nerd
2 years ago


Last edited 2 years ago by Katie Foster
Patrick Darab Hartigan

Who surprised you most today? Who underwhelmed you? Just joining but I love GymCastic BTS so much and look forward every week!
Also… if you’ve already talked about the above, do you think Tim Daggett would ever get replaced on the NBC broadcast or is he too deep into the gymnastics community?
Would a John Rothesburger work instead with Nastia ? Or bring back Bart Connor?

2 years ago


Susan DiLaudo
Gym Nerd
2 years ago
Reply to  Ben

yes!!!!! i was thrilled watching her and may or may not have shouted “Theres your 2024 olympic champion!” after watching her last event! lol she looks spectacular! i dont want to sound presumptive, but to me, she appeared calm, relaxed, well-adjusted, and dare i say….happy? so proud of her! incredibly resilient young athlete! wooohooo!!!

Damion Eastman
Gym Nerd
2 years ago

There is a British Commentary pair that does GREAT coverage of Gymnastics that I LOVE. They actually tell you the gymnastics terms

Sally Wiseman
2 years ago
Reply to  Damion Eastman

Please tell me you dont mean christine still! She talls so much rubbish half the time. One of my favourites being “she has practiced that skill hundreds of times”. Craig heap and matt baker i do enjoy though

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