Behind The Scenes: Women’s Team Finals

by | Jul 27, 2021 | Behind The Scenes, Club Content

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Today our instant takes from watching an entire day of women’s team finals!

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  1. Kirstan Watson

    Simone’s statement from the other day makes SO much sense now.

  2. Andrea Kells

    First I’m so proud of the team for bringing home silver and hope Simone is ok – if she does scratch other finals would that add jade to AA (along with suni), Myk to vault, Myk to beam, Jordan to floor and jade to bars finals?

    • Kate Maben

      It would add Jade to AA, Myk to vault, Melanie De Jesus Dos Santos to Bars, Hirakawa to beam, and Gadirova to floor. It only goes to an American if they were two-per countries out of the finals, otherwise it goes to the next highest scoring athlete from qualifications

      • Andrea Kells

        Thank you! Got a little over eager for the US there 🙂

      • Patricia Palencia

        Skinner posted on her IG story that she was supposed to fly home to the US today. I thought she would have been allowed to stay 24 hrs before the vault final on Aug 1 as 1st reserve?

      • clarindamcfadden

        I hope they get to do it since Simone doesn’t want to be there

  3. Nina Morrissette

    Great podcast!! I would love to see Laurie as a commentator instead of Nastia. She is so much more real and relatable and has a lot of personality, which is greatly needed. Love to Simone and all the women on the US team!

  4. Joy A Scott

    Can we explain Suni’s 7.9 Execution score? What am I missing?

  5. Elyse Fairchild

    What’s the issue with Nastia? I like her!

    • woodtrio

      I like her for the most part but can’t get on board with her doing high fashion outfits to commentate. Like Tim’s not coming in a tuxedo!!

      • Allison Meza

        I like her but was super disappointed by the narrative she perpetuated on the prime time broadcast tonight. She should know better.

      • clarindamcfadden

        She can wear whatever she wants! I think it’s fun. Maybe Tim should come in a tuxedo

  6. Kristin Judd

    Wow! What a performance for Team USA. They did great considering the circumstances. Hope Simone is okay and taking care of herself. I have hope for the future events.

  7. Alana Carr

    Would it kill you to guys to say one nice thing about Grace?

  8. Björn Ásgeir Guðmundsson

    Ugh listening to the Icelandic broadcast was so annoying!! The male presenter talked about how social media and tiktok were making the U.S women’s team unfocused and was basically shaming them for being fame seeking and unfocused. HELLO Simone has been the best female gymnast since 2013, she is 24 years old and one of the best athletes ever, I think she knows how to concentrate. He didn’t even mention the situation Jordan is in and how hard it must be to compete in the Olympics during this time. GAAH I’m just so annoyed by the icelandic presenters treatment of the U.S womens team and I hope they dont get the same comments elsewhere.

  9. Billie Patton

    Make Simone Biles and Ally Raisman co-team coordinators!!!!!

  10. Stand in a Lunge

    I was SO devastated for Simone and then muted the BBC commentary. Forster needs to be fired immediately. MY GOD Grace and the hits, Jordan is an actual superhero, and Suni is STUNNING AT ALL OF IT. Then… LOVED Gelya’s floor. And can’t see any GB footage of them winning bronze without crying with Alice. All the hate she got then booom. Feelings

  11. Alycia S

    Did I miss it, did Jess ever share the Hoda story??

  12. Jessica N Wolf

    Someone on Reddit (Austentatious88) commented re: Lori “for the record, I didn’t like anything that Marta’s spouse said or did in public either.” **Slow clap**.

    Also, Jessica, your timing of (rightly!) defending your journalistic integrity IMMEDIATELY being followed by bidet troubleshooting is my favorite thing. You are a treasure.

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