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Welcome to College & Cocktails!

College & Cocktails combines our weekly Behind The Scenes Q&A live podcast with a college meet of the week. We start after the college meet ends on Friday nights (Pacific time). It’s our appreciation love letter to club members for supporting the show. Here’s how to ask questions live:

To comment, you’ll need to click on the title in the YouTube player, which will take you to the YouTube website. From there you’ll see a sidebar of comments with a box that allows you to submit your own question/comment as the show is live.

We moderate the questions that appear there and attempt to address and share as many as we can on the show.

NOTE: This Behind the Scenes episode is free for non-members this week. For club members who can’t make it live, they can subscribe to club member episodes in their favorite podcast player or watch the video replays anytime. Not a member? Join here.


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1 year ago

Did anyone have Payton Richards in their Florida beam lineup? I sure didn’t!

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