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College & Cocktails: UCLA at Utah

Welcome to College & Cocktails!

College & Cocktails combines our weekly Behind The Scenes Q&A live podcast with a college meet of the week. We start after the college meet ends on Friday nights (Pacific time). It’s our appreciation love letter to club members for supporting the show. Here’s how to ask questions live.

We are talking about all the Friday meets with special focus on the (only?) true rivelry in the Pac-12; UCLA and Utah. We’re going live right here on this page around 7:30pm Pacific after the meet ends. For more info on how to watch your favorite elites, Olympic and World medalists all year long, check out The Balance Beam Situation’s schedule with links.


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This week’s cocktail

Week 5: Up To The Level
Top this drink off with fizzyness Up To The Level of whatever you think is appropriate… Keep in mind, some judges don’t believe in mixer!

2oz Dark Rum
1oz Fig Preserves
.75oz Lemon
3 dashes Angostura Bitters
Ginger beer
Fresh Thyme and Fig Slices

1.5oz Fig Preserves
1.5oz Lemon Juice
3 dashes Angostura Bitters
Fresh Thyme and Fig Slices

Make the Drink:
In a cocktail shaker, combine Rum (if using), Fig Preserves, Lemon Juice, and Bitters. Shake to chill and strain over fresh ice in your glass of choice. Top with Ginger Beer or 7-Up depending on your chosen recipe. The

Stick the Landing:
Garnish with Fresh Thyme and Fresh Fig slices

The season’s recipes can be found here.


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Wendy E Mercer
Gym Nerd
1 year ago

I haven’t listened yet, watching the meet now. I’m sad I missed it live because I have such a rant. Am I the only person who HATES every leo UCLA wears?!? They’re always so unflattering! I’m not saying they need to go the wedgie leo route that is so popular but get a stylist in there to fit those leos to the bodies and flatter their curves!!!

Ok, rant over lol I knew I could come here to share this thought.

Gym Nerd
1 year ago

My favorite College and cocktails episode thus far Keep up the great work, team!

Last edited 1 year ago by katiebrick14

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