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Appropriate clothing!

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I was just listen to the most recent behind the scenes and THANK YOU for your point about Jenny Rowland wearing context-appropriate clothing! I think this ALL the time! And although not exactly the same, I feel like KJ’s clothing is also reasonably appropriate… Thanks for saying what I’m always thinking! (Well, usually it’s Spencer who says the kinds of things I think…! 🤣) 

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No kidding! The stilettos have been getting out of hand but mostly I’ve seen them still paired with “business casual” type clothing - slacks, blouse…. But at Metroplex I saw plenty of coaches who are really way far over the line into “I’m going to the club” wear. I don’t get it. First, as someone who loves wearing stilettos…wearing them for that long, being on your feet for hours, seems miserable. And how they don’t puncture the mats! But if you had an athlete that needed help with anything, and you’re wearing a mini-dress, or leather pants so tight you can’t squat in them, how are you supposed to be able to respond?