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  3. No racial/ethnic/sexual/etc slurs. That said, context is important. When discussing a specific event in a related thread a quote is acceptable. In general if we have said it on a podcast, or a gymnast or commentator has said it, and you use it IN THAT CONTEXT, you’ll be fine. Still, tread lightly, and always keep in mind rules 1 and 2.
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  5. Keep spoilers out of thread titles. Note, we only consider spoilers to be stuff that has NOT been televised.
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  9. Got a blog/podcast/whatever? Self promotion is okay, so long as it’s not obnoxious. Weekly or more frequently is definitely obnoxious, seasonally is definitely not. There is a grey area in between, but always keep in mind rule 1. Consider using your signature to promote your content, and make great contributions to discussions. People will notice!
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Sigrid Weingold
Gym Nerd
1 year ago

Did Shilese’s foot land on the edge of a mat, causing her to fall? Are the mats on bars moved into position?

1 year ago

How does one post a question? I’ve clicked on every available icon and nothing allows me to start a new topic. I am logged in.

Ann H
Ann H
1 month ago

Looking for 2 lower level seats for Sunday. Any sellers out there?

Amy Buchholz
Gym Nerd
23 days ago

Hello! Can I watch the live show content even though the show’s long over? Thank you!

13 days ago

good jobs

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