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How did the people ranked at the top afford their picks

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Like, I'm some kind of idiot who didn't consider picking suni, simone, skye, Jade et al for everything? No. There wasn't budget for them. I don't get it. Did they inherit wealth that wasn't available for the rest of us?

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You can see rosters by clicking on team names on the leader board. 

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I looked at the top 3 teams specifically and the top 50 (because that's all we can see) in general.  The top 3 each used $150,000 exactly.


Had Shilese competed, the highest scoring possible team likely would have included her, which clearly none of these did.  Not having her in AA gave them at least $5000 (since none of the top 50 had Kayla in AA) to spend elsewhere.  Her lowest priced event was BB at $17500.


The top 3 all took advantage of Suni's $5000 14 point vault and Jade's $7500 13.5 point bars.


Since we don't get to change our lineups between days, the teams that scored well day 1 will likely stay near the top and increase their distance from the other teams.  A few of the teams (including 3rd place) could drop in rankings if the gymnasts who scratched their events end up withdrawing.


Some of the teams were lucky-- only having Trinity on floor, not including CaMarah's beam, not including Kaliya's floor, etc.  I happened to scrape the 50 who showed up before any scores, and of those, 44 submitted lineups, and only 4 didn't count at least 1 zero.  I know this has been described as a "game of tenths," but I'm finding tends to be much more of a "game of lineups," for me, as tenths don't hold a candle to zeroes. 🤣 


Here's a spreadsheet of the current top 3 as well as the counts of each gymnast in the top 50 and the original 50 listed: