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[Solved] Who's Carol?

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Carol is often tossed around when scores are out of whack... is Carol a real judge? Is this slang for any outrageous score? 

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Well originally she was an NCAA judge who was a little (ok a lot) extreme in her scoring but now she just represents the crazy NCAA scoring across the board

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I admit to letting slip an "oh, Carol," sometimes when someone does something inexplicable out in the real (aka non-gymnastics) world. Carol was Carol before Karen took off her earrings and said, "hold my beer."

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I would feel terrible if there was a good judge out there named Carol. But lets be honest, there probably isn't. 

Melissa Vigogne
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Carol is a real judge. She judged me growing up (so she’s been judging for at least 30 years, probably longer) and then I judged with her for many years when I retired and became a judge. 

She is one of the most pleasant judges I have ever worked with. She has always been very dedicated to the sport and I was honestly always very happy to see that we would be on the same panel. She hates politics and would get beyond frustrated when they would pop up in the judging community. 

Were there some crazy scores? Surely. But should this characterize her as a person and should she stand for “crazy/incompetent judge”? No. Really, of all people I have worked with, she’s not the one this shoe fits.