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Jessica's Wheezegiggle
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I'm a huge fan, but in the politest way possible, what is up with the middle school WordArt thumbnails for videos and promos recently? Is this something that analytics have suggested or something? They look so cheap and unprofessional compared to the older thumbnails that are either photos or the GymCastic logo. 

Maroney's Vault Admin
Joined: 12 years ago
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Hi George. Thank you for that feedback. We really like the new thumbnails and the design. These are intentional and yes, they have been positively effective. We will keep listening to the community and have taken note. Thank you. 

Nick V.
Spencer's Eye Roll
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There is a definite psychology to thumbnail design and click-through-rates, particularly on YouTube. People are more likely to click on loud, wild, colorful, (but clear) designs. I like what ya'll are doing and if you notice an uptick in clicks good work! 

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