Episode 10 : Greg Marsden

Nov 21, 2012 | Interviews, Podcast

Blythe brings us news on up and comers from the Asian Games, NCAA signing week and Philip Boy. We begin the first part of our chapter by chapter feature on the tome, The History of USA Gymnastics: the early years through 1991. Uncle Tim takes us back to the days of Frederich Jahn and the Turners. We delve deep into the proposed deductions for artistry in the 2013 code and talk to marketing badass Greg Marsden of the University of Utah. Check out our votes for most artistic routines below (haha, not Boy’s fall, that’s the reference to our news segment…you guys think you are so funny…).

Sandra Izbasa Interview

FIG Proposed 2013 Code of Points

SuperGymmie’s YouTube Channel

Philip Boy’s scary high bar peel:

Our votes for most artistic routines:

Spanny is only referring to the  straddle sit-switch half turn-to straddle sit. Not the whole routine. Puuulease!