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Episode 10 : Greg Marsden

Blythe brings us news on up and comers from the Asian Games, NCAA signing week and Philip Boy. We begin the first part of our chapter by chapter feature on the tome, The History of USA Gymnastics: the early years through 1991. Uncle Tim takes us back to the days of Frederich Jahn and the Turners. We delve deep into the proposed deductions for artistry in the 2013 code and talk to marketing badass Greg Marsden of the University of Utah. Check out our votes for most artistic routines below (haha, not Boy’s fall, that’s the reference to our news segment…you guys think you are so funny…).

Sandra Izbasa Interview

FIG Proposed 2013 Code of Points

SuperGymmie’s YouTube Channel

Philip Boy’s scary high bar peel:

Our votes for most artistic routines:

Spanny is only referring to the  straddle sit-switch half turn-to straddle sit. Not the whole routine. Puuulease!


  1. Hi! just wanted to comment a little about when you guys were talking about gym-acro during episode 10. Whenever the level 7s at my gym start to learn their choreography I always see them learning new gym-acro skills and they’re really cool/creative moves. I hadn’t realized it until you guys mentioned it in the show but we really don’t see that in elite. I agree that a requirement for it should be added because it really adds a lot of creativity to the routine. My mom was a dancer and whenever she watches gymnastics she asks why they even bother doing choreography because they aren’t trained in dance and most of them are not great dancers. I think the addition of gym-acro would really separate gymnasts from dancers because they are skills that maybe aren’t worth very much difficulty but can be really creative/interesting to watch. Additionally I think it separates the gymnasts from dancers. Obviously the best gymnast is not going to be a better dancer than the best dancer, but the choreography could be used to show that the best gymnast is a better gymnast than the best dancer with the addition of gym-acro

  2. Goodness the Chinese 90’s beam routines were just works of art, where has that choreographer gone? On my votes for artistic, I would add Yang Bo’s beam. Love, love, love Strazheva’s routine, absolute work of art.

  3. I love Stella Umeh’s triple turn in her 1993 routine. She definitely sets it up, but at least she actually PERFORMS is rather than just holding her breath and hoping she doesn’t fall on her face.
    Also, the Li Li routine (which is perfection): was that the year China got deducted in Team for the fit of their leotards? Because jeez, if I wanted to see that much butt I’d pay monthly.

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