Episode 13: Justin Spring

Dec 19, 2012 | Interviews, Podcast

Justin Spring at the Beijing Olympic Games

This week we talk to Olympic silver medalist and head coach of the reigning NCAA Champions at Illinois, Justin Spring. He tells us where his daredevil nature comes from, the origins of his unique and sometimes terrifying skills, about his proposed match meet format, the injury to Maestas, uniform changes for men and yes, we ask him about all of the controversial events at Illinois over the past few years.

We discuss our fantasy gym-acro floor combos, announce our gymnastics-holiday decoration contest and our new service for all of your burning gymnastics needs, called GymLine. A little bit like Oprah for gymnasts, or maybe like LoveLine for the nerves of the overzealous fan; we will answer your questions and solve your conundrums. Can’t figure out why your leo still rides up even after applying butt glue seven times? We can help with that. Need to decide which far away meet to spend your hard earned cash to travel to? We can help with that too. Call and leave a message on our Skype line (username GymCastic) or by calling 415 800-3191. Leave your name (or makeup a really good one), your city (or fantasy location) and try to keep the message under 60 seconds.  We’ll be back on January 2nd with our year-end award show.

Remember to send in photos of your entries for the gymnastics holiday decoration contest before December 28th!

Yang Bo ornament

Illinois Gymnastics Orange & Blue Exh. Highlights 12/9/12

No handed Onodi

Jeager from high to low, or a flipping straddle back from Sara at Chow’s.

Hope Spivey’s famous NCAA reverse routine

Mo Hulian FX 1997 Worlds, gym-acro reverse

Leon Purvis asks Gabby Douglas to prom

Jamie Dantzscher – 2000 Olympics Team Prelims – Floor Exercise pretend front 1/4 after first pass.

Liz Tricase 2004 Olympic Trials FX

Really, a tinsica should start like a cartwheel showing a side position but these are pretty close.

Simone Biles was in the most tweets of any U.S. Olympian in Tokyo Games | Pew Research Center https://buff.ly/3AknqpI