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Episode 16: Elizabeth Price


This week we talk to 16-year-old Elizabeth Price of Parkettes. She’s coming off a stellar year, being named alternate to the 2012 Olympic Team, then winning back-to-back all-around titles at the Stuttgart and Glasgow World Cups. Next month, she’ll be joining Kyla Ross, Vanessa Ferrari, Asuka Teramoto, Larissa Iordache and Elisabeth Seitz at the American Cup.

Peszek and asac
2008 Olympic Silver Medalist Samantha Peszek, gives Alicia Sacramone a pep-talk in Beijing.

We are joined by special guest-host, World and Olympic medalist and 2011 NCAA beam champion, Samantha Peszek. She gives us her thoughts on the latest news, including Beth Tweddle on Dancing on Ice, Lloimincia Hall’s new floor routine and weighs in on Spanny’s week-one NCAA recap.

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Michaela Chernoch of Southern Utah: Vault rotation at UCLA at 20 second mark.

Cool recap video of Southern Utah at UCLA

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Haley Scaman’s Yurchenko 1.5 for Oaklahoma

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Nicole Allen from Ball State on floor in 2012

Stars in Danger – Diving

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11 years ago

I would like to nominate a worst leotard of the week.
It was from this past weekend, so granted, it wasn’t what you were talking about on the show, but I saw it in person and have to share my horror.
from UNC’s facebook:

For the most part, I love these leos. The blue is lovely and they’re a bit sparkly without going crazy, except for the footprint made out of sparkles on their back down near their butts.
It’s just awful.
First of all, it looks kind phallic. I mean, up close it’s alright, but it’s also essentially on their butts which is just an awkward place to put sparkles. I’m just so baffled by the whole thing.

Their leos could be so lovely without that, or even if the footprint had to stay, could it at least be placed somewhere else?

11 years ago
Reply to  Faith

Butt paw print! We shall go to the Twitters for a response!

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