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Episode 30: Women’s NCAA & European Championships

NCAA Flash Mob-1

This is why NCAA Gymnastics is awesome. Have you ever seen a photo like this from an elite gymnastics meet? L-R Cory Tomlinson, Marissa King, Danusia Francis, Bridget Sloan.
Photo courtesy of Christy Linder.

This week, Blythe filed her report on dominating Russians and weeping men at Moscow’s European Championships. Uncle Tim and Jessica returned from Los Angeles to report on the NCAA Women’s Gymnastics Championships with special guest Lauren Hopkins, U.S. editor for The Couch Gymnast.

If you missed it, you can read Uncle Tim’s entertaining quick hits from NCAA’s here: 

Quick Hits: The Super Six
Quick Hits: NCAA Semifinals – Session 2
Quick Hits: NCAA Semifinals – Session 1
Quick Hits: 2013 NCAA Podium Training

This year, NCAA’s featured something that has never been done before. After event finals, all of the teams participated in Flash Mob choreographed by Travis Wall (see photo below). Check out the highlight gifs here or watch it at the 1:51:21 mark here. Oh, college gymnastics, this is why we love you!

Makayla Stambaugh (OrSt) Fx -2013 NCAA Prelims

Hannah Nordquist Beam Event Finals Nationals 2013

Kiersten Wang (UF) FX – 2013 NCAA Prelims

Lindsay Mable Floor Event Finals Nationals 2013

2013 WAG NCAA Event Finals

2013 WAG NCAA Super Six Finals

Lucas Fischer (Switzerland) – Parallel Bars Event Finals – 2013 European Championships

Oleg Stepko (Ukraine) – Parallel Bars Event Finals – 2013 European Championships



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11 years ago

I downloaded this week’s episode from itunes today and though it claims to be episode 30, when it plays it’s episode 29? This might just be my computer but if it’s something at your end it’d be great if it could be fixed!
Also I can see you’re going to talk about Lucas Fischer’s p-bars, a.k.a my favourite moment of Europeans! Have you seen his music videos on youtube? If not, trust me they’re worth a look …

11 years ago

Loved loved loved your analysis of ncaas! However I dont think that Chelsea Davis upgraded her dismount for finals though. If you compare these two videos – the first routine of the season and event finals. The composition is exactly the same

Chelsea was one of the most consistent peroformers on bars this season. She competed that routine 17 times. Of those, she scored 9.9 or higher thirteen times! WOW! I’m hoping for her to be bars champ one these next two years she has left!

11 years ago

It’s just been released that Gabby Jupp has torn her ACL. 🙁 🙁

10 years ago

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i’ve created a quiz related to the 2014 Women European Championships. It contains 40 questions about the upcoming competition and it’s in English:
You’re invited to try and solve it, some of the questions are really challanging 🙂
if you like it, feel free to share with your listeners, they might be entertained by it and get even more excited towards the Euros!
Thank you,

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