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Episode 40: Michigan’s Stacey Ervin

Athletics, Scott Kemps

Stacey Ervin is a member of the 2013 NCAA National Championship team from Michigan and Jess’s favorite tumbler. He talked with us about: stag jumps, artistry training, how Michigan star Jordyn Wieber influenced him, training with Olympian Sam Mikulak, the infamous Michigan “Fail” video, how to make pommel horse more interesting, surviving the grief of his mother’s death as a freshman in college, his Dr?gulescu upgrade, working a triple double, landing with purpose, and then… Uncle Tim creates a 7.3 floor routine for him during the interview! It’s a gymnerd’s fantasy-gymnastics dream come true!

Blythe and Uncle Tim relay all of the important facts from the World University Games in Kazan, Russia including: Ksenia Afanasyeva‘s Amanar (AKA the “Afanar”), Mustafina‘s pre-meet illness and yellow Pokemon leotard, the triumphant return of Hong Un Jong the 2008 Olympic vault champion, who after being banned, vaulted into first place at age 24, Denis Ablyazin ballistic floor routine, Yang Hak Seon maniac vaulting skills, Grandi cleaning house and cleaning up the reputation of rhythmic gymnastics, Louis Smith‘s new book, and two upcoming masters (adult) gymnastics meets!

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Paolo Principi’s Walstrom (full-twisting Yamawaki)

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10 years ago

You should totally have a gymnastics book club. I would totally GymGeek out if you did that. The first book has to be “The Way of The Peaceful Warrior” I would love it if you interviewed Dan Millman.

Also, I want to say that Aliya’s leotard is not Pokeman, it’s an X-Men leo and I’m talking the original comic books where they wore the black uniforms with the yellow X on it. It’s Wolverine all the way.

10 years ago

So Aly’s in Israel at the Maccabiah Games. If her and Alex Shatilov meet, fall in love, get married and have kids, is there any doubt that those kids would be some of the most powerful tumblers in the world (with potentially some of the worst twisting form)?

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