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Episode 44: Pan Am Report and P&G Championships Preview

gymnastics national championships 2013
The full schedule of awesomeness for the P&G US National Championships!

This week, U.S. Editor at The Couch Gymnast,  Lauren Hopkins, joins us for a preview of the U.S. National Championships in Hartford, we discuss  Chellsie Memmel‘s switch to power tumbling, USAG’s new artistry initiative with Precision Choreography, feedback from last week’s first ever LGBT panel on gymnastics, the failing power of Danel Lleyva‘s towel, hot routines from the Pan American Games and Spanny Tampson makes her triumphant return from maternity leave to give a review of the first two episodes of Gymnastike’s Beyond The Routine with Liang Chow.

Please note, that Uncle Tim has created Sloshed:The 2013 P&G Championships Drinking Game.  It’s everything you ever wanted in a drinking game but were afraid to laugh at. Play at your own risk.

Click here to donate to Kalon Ludvingston’s recovery fund.

Victoria Moors landed her double double stretched OOB on the second day of the Pan American Games.  

Canada’s Gabriella Douglas

Manrique Larduet of Cuba on Vault:

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10 years ago

Loved the episode! Keep it up guys, you make hump day awesome. And can I just give my two cents???

1¢: I love Jessica’s laugh- it makes me happy.
1¢: Olga’s routine to Rite of Spring is one of my favorites- but I question her judgement to make her final pose a crotch shot directed right at the judges…

10 years ago

I just wanna comment on the difference of the volume between Jessica and the rest of the speaker, perhaps this is something that can be fixed for future podcasts. Jessica, your volume is almost 10db louder than the rest of the speakers. So when I listened to the podcast while driving from/to work, I have to constantly adjust the volume when it’s switching between Jess and the rest of the team. Either you lower your volume down, or Uncle Tim and Lauren can increase their gain.

Just something to think about for the production value of the podcast. But otherwise, AWESOME episode and love the great works!

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