Episode 5: Growing up at WOGA

Oct 15, 2012 | Interviews, Podcast

Allison Taylor on what it was like to be part of the greatest US elite program of all time at WOGA. Uncle Tim’s six year-old-friend reviews Shawn Johnson on Dancing with The Stars and we tackle cyber bulling in gymnastics. Dvora Myers follows up on our discussion of the popularity of men’s gymnastics. We play, who would win this reality tv show, if every contestant was a gymnast.

Find out what we are talking about here:

From our friends at FullTwist, all four of Chusovitina’s routines from Bundesliga.

A humor-filled primer on the ongoing Russian Team saga from Because Fan is Short for Fanatic.

Dvora Myers book and website.

Uncle Tim’s impression of Steve Nunno comes from the ’92 Olympic vault final.

It's Easy (Come, Easy Go) to Enjoy This Gymnast's Bohemian Rhapsody Floor Routine at 2021 Worlds https://buff.ly/3Bi6M9W