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Episode 6: New Vault Code, Gymnastics in the Media & Jonathan X-Games Horton

This week we talk about changes in the vault code, gymnastics portrayal in the media and talk to Horton about his scooter gang, triple doubles, body hair in men’s gymnastics and which of his teammates is the most unique person he has ever met.

Jonathan Horton

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11 years ago

Great episode – thanks for all the work you guys have put in. I have 3 points:

1) As far as vault scores going down, especially in comparison to bars – it’s probably relevant that the rules for connection values on UB have also been changed so that most of the top workers will lost a couple tenths off their routines. In most cases, equal or exceeding the .2 devaluation of the Amanar.

2) On the topic of NBC story lines and fluff – during the 2004 Olympic AA, NBC aired a fluff about Khorkina and her final quest for Olympic AA gold ( She spoke in Russian and they provided subtitles. Some of the translations were pretty terrible, and seemed deliberately manipulated to portray her as an arrogant diva. For example, at one point the translation reads “I have been great for a long time”. The literal translation is “I don’t want to be called strong… quote” (It’s about 1:44 in the video).
If you’d like to verify, even a Non-Russian speaker, or someone with very basic Russian can probably make out her first few words “? ?? ????” pronounced “Ya ne khochu” meaning “I don’t want”, and pick out the word “strong – ??????? – sylnee” as well as the last word “???????”, pronounced “kavuichkiy” meaning “quote” said as she gives a wink.
I think interviewing an athlete in a foreign language and then giving deceptive translations is pretty tacky. I understand that literal translations don’t always carry over well between languages but this particular interview went beyond changing words to capture meanings, did so about 3 times within a minute and a half.

3) I only recently caught up on last week’s podcast and wanted to say thanks for giving my blog a shout-out 🙂

-Hope you all have a good week. Rachael

11 years ago
Reply to  Rachael

Thank you Rachael! Wow, this is great information for a segment.

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