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Episode 8: Jermaine Browne & Jill Hicks

This week we talk to Jermaine Browne, Artistic Director of the Kellog’s Tour of Gymnastics Champions about artistry and performance in gymnastics. Uncle Tim reviews the men’s gymnastics routine maker iPad app. We discuss the perfect number of members for an Olympic team, pick our Halloween costume contest winner and uncover evidence that Khokina’s video interview was indeed mistranslated. We also talk to NCAA coach and current Kellog’s tour chaperone for the Fierce Five, Jill Hicks about helping gymnasts stand up for themselves, trust, NCAA recruiting, changing technique in college, puberty, body dysmorphia and finding happiness.

Halloween Costume Contest entries! Click to see bigger image. Top 4 are circled. Congratulations!

Jermaine Browne Official Website

Respect My Step

Jill Hicks Consulting

Scottish Federation threatens mass resignation

McKayla Maroney’s awesome in-depth interview on WRTV

Giulia Steingruber, Igor Pakhomenko capture Arthur Gander Memorial titles

The historic 7 Tumbling Passes of Death floor routine by Eun Kyung Park of South Korea at the 2008 Arthur Gander Memorial

Mistranslated video fluff on Khorkina


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11 years ago

Your costume was awesome! The D score was at least a 16.

11 years ago

and, um.. so, um.. and um.. and um.. so, um… and, um… so, um… I’m sorry but this Jerome guy was SOOOO annoying with his run-on sentences! He can’t just answer a simple question without all the hyperbole. That was pretty painful to listen to. 🙁

11 years ago

Correction: Jermaine*

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