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What you missed from Pac Rims podium training

Pac Rims Podium TrainingYesterday the U.S. women—Simone Biles, Brenna Dowell, Laurie Hernandez, Ashton Locklear, Aly Raisman and Ragan Smith (replacing the injured Maggie Nichols)—took to the floor for podium training before the Pacific Rim Championships. Didn’t catch the live stream? GymCastic crew member Stefane Victor put together this list of what you should know:


Dowell: Upgraded first pass to front layout + double front for a .2 connection with legs glued together, but with lackluster choreography

Smith: Fell on a whippy double layout, but sells routine exceptionally well

Hernandez: Same magically choreographed routine as last year, but with a whippy double layout

Raisman: Great double L turn—one of the best in the world, but switch-full leaves something to be desired

Biles: Debuts new routine with amazing first few passes, but looks tired heading into her last passes


Dowell: Double-twisting Yurchenko (DTY) with great dynamics, but has a noticeable pike-down

Smith: DTY close to the table, a bit of pre-twisting but with a great landing

Hernandez: DTY stuck, but missing amplitude

Raisman: Great Amanar…for her

Biles: Amanar is amazing, Cheng is well-executed

Uneven Bars

Dowell: Altered routine, still with a high D-score but much easier for her to execute; missed release to belly flop, still superb form throughout

Locklear: Not perfect for competition, but still showing exceptional ease and fluidity

Smith: Not her event, but could step up in an Olympic emergency

Hernandez: Maybe the worst constructed routine for the US—a shame because her bar work is very solid

Raisman: Altered routine; she has noticeably improved

Biles: Glorious Pak, may be the best in the field

Balance Beam

Locklear: Soft knees take away form acrobatic series, but usable routine in a pinch

Smith: Sissone is very underextended

Hernandez: Great beam; extension of her limbs and deliberate motions are reminiscent of Kyla Ross

Raisman: Clearly spent a lot of time working on her execution, but still struggles with her switch-half

Biles: Consistent and amazing—trademark Simone

What are you most excited to see during Pac Rims?

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