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Podium Training Photo Gallery of the 2015 American Cup

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In this photo gallery we present the many goofy, joyful, happy faces of Simone Biles during podium training for the American Cup in Cowboy Stadium. MyKayla Skinner missed a hand, completely, on the vault table and had an overall rough practice. Erika Fasana (ITA) and Vanessa Ferrari (ITA) show off their tattoos. People just can’t keep their hands off Mr. Sam Mikulak. Marta runs this mutha’. At age 29, Jessica Lopez (VEN) is absolutely stunning. Emily Little (AUS) and Claudia Fragapane (GB) debuted a butterfly on floor (cue collective gym nerd freak out!); and Ellie Black (CAN) reps the maple leaf like a champ.

If you want more of Christy Linder’s fantastic photos, see more on Twitter, Facebook or request her for your meet on her official website.

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