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  • Michigan continues to dominate.
  • Morgi-boo is out after an ACL surgery.
  • Eight teams didn't compete because of Covid-19.
  • Marsden knows how to use Twitter.
  • Georgia has some work to do.
  • Hello San Jose State.
  • Oklahoma looks very Oklahoma-ish.
  • Grace McCallum is going to thrive in college.
  • Kara Eaker looked strong before injuring her ankle.
  • Leanne Wong is the funny one.
  • Alabama is ready to collect all the NIL money.
  • Maile O’Keefe knows how to flash a U.
  • Is Nellie Kim judging NCAA?
  • We see you Rebecca Wells.
  • King Kohei retires.

The 5th Rotation: January 10th, 2022

What happened in (mostly) NCAA this week? This is everything you need to know.

What We’re Talking About

A lot of season-opening records fell this week. So is it safe to say that athletes getting a little cash didn’t ruin college sports yet? National Champion Michigan continues to compete like the best team in the nation with a 197.25 victory over Georgia–who have a lot of work to do (see Greg Marsden’s tweet below). You guys! Michigan’s conditioning is so far ahead of the rest. Also… we’re not going to talk enough about Michigan because we anticipate we’re going to be talking about them a lot throughout the season, but we should mention that Natalie Wojcik, Abby Heiskell and Sierra Brooks put up the three highest scores in the nation to start the season.

The first Olympic AA Champ ever to compete in college, Sunisa Lee hit her feet on bars, otherwise she would have posted a 9.975. Other than that, is it possible that her form is even more perfect? Suni has made her relationship with Jaylin Smith (who is Black) public and had a few choice words in response to Hmong community’s reaction. “I’ve recieved so much hate😭 they support me when it’s beneficial for them never when it comes to my happiness. thank you!💗”

Riley McCusker only competed uneven bars in Florida’s  opening meet, but it was so beautiful.


  • Michigan looks ready to defend their title. Exhibit A: their conditioning.
  • Lynnzee Brown is the floor champion this week (and many more weeks to come).
  • Suni’s gymnastics is better now than during the Olympics (don’t @ me, I’m talking gymnastics not difficulty).
  • “Your favorite team is the team with the best choreography. . . And when the choreographer moves, so does your allegiance.” ~ Jessica O’Beirne


  • Oklahoma opens up the season with not one, but two perfect 10s in their first rotation.
  • Audrey Davis: first all-around performance at OU, first all-around victory.
  • Same for Sloane Blakely at Florida.
  • 197.750: The highest season-opening score for Michigan in program history.
  • 197.000: The highest season-opening score for Denver in program history.
  • 195.875: The highest season-opening score for Utah State in program history.
  • 193.700: The highest season-opening score for Texas Women’s University in program history.


  • Biggest Damn Tumbling: Jordan Bowers
  • Per 👏🏼 for👏🏼 mance👏🏼: Lynnzee Brown
  • Champion in Life and Gymnastics Award: Savannah Schoenherr (see below)

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“We threw five 10.0 vaults, which is the most we’ve done since I’ve been here.” ~ TOM FARDEN, UTAH COACH

A vault rotation this week that included Grace McCallum, Jaedyn Rucker, Cammy Hall, Alexia Burch, Lucy Stanhope and Jillian Hoffman.

“Katherine, gosh, her adrenaline went through the roof. I’ve never seen her so animated, ever… That was pure elation coming out of her.” ~ K.J. KINDLER, OKLAHOMA COACH

Describing Katherine Levasseur after her perfect 10 vault.

“Coming into this, I was really nervous…  I had a lot of fun with it. Every single event, I couldn’t have imagined it going any better than this.” ~ SLOANE BLAKELY, FLORIDA GATOR

It’s hard to imagine a better start than her top all-around finish of 39.4500.



What? You want even more? Be sure to check out our new College & Cocktails episodes for Club Gym Nerd members on Friday nights right after the competition. Then we give the sober analysis on Monday after we’ve allowed the data to penetrate our feelings.

This column was composed and compiled by Steve Cooper, Editor, GymCastic; as performed by hosts Jessica O’Beirne and Spencer Barnes. 

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<ul> <li>Michigan continues to dominate.</li> <li>Morgi-boo is out after an ACL surgery.</li> <li>Eight teams didn't compete because of Covid-19.</li> <li>Marsden knows how to use Twitter.</li> <li>Georgia has some work to do.</li> <li>Hello San Jose State.</li> <li>Oklahoma looks very Oklahoma-ish.</li> <li>Grace McCallum is going to thrive in college.</li> <li>Kara Eaker looked strong before injuring her ankle.</li> <li>Leanne Wong is the funny one.</li> <li>Alabama is ready to collect all the NIL money.</li> <li>Maile O’Keefe knows how to flash a U.</li> <li>Is Nellie Kim judging NCAA?</li> <li>We see you Rebecca Wells.</li> <li>King Kohei retires.</li> </ul>The 5th Rotation: January 10th, 2022
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