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  • We're 6 months from Paris
  • Mizzou set an attendance record
  • Someone should start a social profile that’s dedicate to the Clemson leos
  • Konnor’s wolf jump
  • Jessica Hutchinson set a new career high in the all-around
  • The No. 1 vault team in the country is Kentucky
  • Oklahoma ranks No. 1 on everything else
  • Michigan State and Michigan are tied in the national rankings
  • Michigan State sharing a video of their gymnasts dancing with Iowa is our favorite thing ever
  • Utah is quietly getting it done

The 5th Rotation: January 29, 2024

What We’re Talking About

We’re living in the Mya Lauzon era. She’s currently ranked 2nd in the country in the all-around behind Haleigh Bryant by two thousandths of a point. Mya is currently ranked first on floor, tied for first on vault, and is third on beam. This type of consistency of performance is a big reason why Cal, ranked No. 2 in the country, is nipping at the heels of Oklahoma after putting up a week’s best 197.950 in their matchup with Oregon State.

Another big-time mover is Kentucky, who is the only other program to match a 197.95 this week (a program record). They are currently ranked No. 3 in the country after toppling Georgia. It was quite a meet for the Wildcats who were celebrating their 50th anniversary and added two cherries on top with a pair of perfect 10s (Makenzie Wilson and Raena Worley). It was a wild week in the SEC as Alabama defeated Florida and Missouri took down LSU. As we all predicted before the season began, in the SEC battle between LSU, Florida, Alabama, Georgia, Auburn, Arkansas and Missouri… it’s Kentucky who now leads all other SEC teams.


  • We hope college gymnastics scoring didn’t break Bart Conner
  • We love the symbolism Iowa State is adding to their leotards
  • We’re super excited to watch Trinity Thomas compete in just a few weeks
  • We’re happy for Kentucky, but we’re even more elated for our Ryan.
  • Since Greg Marsden has turned down the job, we nominate Tabitha Yim to fix college scoring
  • We’re now 5 months from knowing who will be on the Olympic team and we can’t wait to see who steps up and surprises us
  • Cal is finally getting the attention it should have been receiving for years
  • NCAA has serious priority issues when sending balloons to a recruit is the offense they crack down on
  • Happy 50th birthday to the layout step out on beam
  • We now understand why Georgia-Rose Brown was allowed to try for the Paris Olympics for New Zealand


  • Mizzou just had their highest-ranked win in program history
  • Kentucky’s 197.50 is a program record
  • Raena Worley finally got her 10.
  • Her teammate Makenzie Wilson got one too.
  • UCLA’s first home meet was the 6th highest score in the nation for the entire season
  • It was still the second highest score of the weekend behind Cal and Kentucky
  • There’s only one Yurchenko 1.5 ranked in the top 5 on vault
  • Chae Campbell’s Yurchenko full is so consistent she doesn’t even need all 10 points to be ranked in the top 5
  • Haleigh Bryant is the best gymnast in the country, but Mya Lauzon is right behind her
  • In their inaugural season Clemson is ranked in the top 20 after the first quarter of the season


  • Gymnastics High Five: Janelle McDonald
  • Best full-twisting, laid out Jaeger on the uneven bars: Sunisa Lee

What’s On the Socials?





“It’s definitely overwhelming and a little bit chaotic, but I’m doing my best to just prepare for all these trips. I think I can handle it. I’ve had a lot of experience. I’m just mainly very excited for this opportunity.” ~ Emma Malabuyo, Jetsetter

In an interview with the Olympic Channel, Emma shared her upcoming schedule that includes a World Cup in Cairo, a World Cup in Cottbus, Germany, a dual meet against Stanford and then a World Cup in Baku, Azerbaijan–all within a four-week period.

“A 9.8 has almost become ‘participation medal!’ Problem is that there is no meaningful separation in scores between qood, great and exquisite performances anymore!”
~ Bart Conner, Truth Teller

The Olympic Champion made several posts on social media over the weekend lamenting the issues plaguing the scoring system within NCAA gymnastics.

“…And [Mom and Dad] kind of kept it in the back of my mind that I don’t do the sport for 10s. I do it for myself, I do it for God.”
~ Raena Worley, Perfect Floor Worker

In an interview with after recording her first perfect 10, Raena explained why she ran into the stands and celebrated with her parents.

“This was a really important meet for us because it’s easy to get to a meet like this and try to be perfect, and I’m really proud of the way that the team focused on just making progress. Progress over perfection.”  ~ Ashley Johnston, A Coach on the Rise

The Alabama head coach shares her thoughts on Alabama’s win over SEC rival, Florida.


College & Cocktails

Listen to this week’s bonus episode recorded immediately after Alabama vs. Florida and Denver vs. Oklahoma: College & Cocktails: Denver, Oklahoma, Florida, Alabama

Cocktail of the Week:

Time to shine for some less-seen ingredients that prove they belong in the lineup.

1 oz Kiwi Puree
1 oz Lime
5 oz Cointreau
20z. Tequila
Angostura Bitters

Make Your Drink:
In a cocktail shaker with ice, shake together all ingredients except bitters to chill. Strain into a glass over fresh ice. Top with several dashes of Bitters.

Stick the Landing:
Garnish with a lime twist.

Full Recipes & Entire Season Cocktail Menu Available Here (Thank You Linzerz!).


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This column was composed and compiled by Steve Cooper, Editor, GymCastic; as performed by hosts Jessica O’Beirne and Spencer Barnes.

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<ul> <li>We're 6 months from Paris</li> <li> Mizzou set an attendance record</li> <li>Someone should start a social profile that’s dedicate to the Clemson leos</li> <li>Konnor’s wolf jump</li> <li>Jessica Hutchinson set a new career high in the all-around</li> <li>The No. 1 vault team in the country is Kentucky</li> <li>Oklahoma ranks No. 1 on everything else</li> <li>Michigan State and Michigan are tied in the national rankings</li> <li>Michigan State sharing a video of their gymnasts dancing with Iowa is our favorite thing ever</li> <li>Utah is quietly getting it done</li> </ul> <div align="center"><a href=""> <img src=""></a> </div>The 5th Rotation: January 29, 2024
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