What Made the Gymternet Grateful in 2013?

by | Nov 27, 2013 | Articles

Gymternet Gratitude

What made the gymternet grateful in 2013? We wanted to know, so we polled a few of our favorite bloggers and commentators. With no further ado, here’s our panel of expert opinionators:  • Kyle Shewfelt of Olympic floor exercise fame  • Dvora Meyers, the gymternet’s very own artistry pundit  • Uncle Tim, lover of men and kitsch  • Jessica O’Beirne, the woman who will inspire you to do gymnastics as an adult  • Brigid McCarthy, a gold-medal-winning couch gymnast

Kyle Shewfelt: “I am thankful for Kenzo Shirai's twisting ability. Quad twist at the END? Say what?!”

“Larisa Iordache's new floor: She really won me over with her floor. It's got a good piece of music, choreography that's specific to the music and athlete, no posing, and she performs it with such energy and enthusiasm."

“Allowing myself to speak for Mother Russia--if Russians were celebrating Thanksgiving with us, I'd suggest that they should be thankful for Mustafina. You know how the U.S. army's recruiting mantra is an "an army of one"? Something similar could be said about Mustafina. "A team of one." During practice and prelims at the World Championships, it didn't look like she'd survive the competition, much less win medals. And then she shows up on game day and hits. I hope they're trying to clone her in Russian labs like Dolly the sheep.”

Uncle Tim: “First and foremost, I am grateful for Fabian Hambuechen’s biceps.”

GymCastic: There's something for everybody when Fabian does those long, lingering hugs."

“Secondly, I am thankful for Kohei Uchimura and Simone Biles. Both gymnasts won their World all-around titles by combining good execution with a high level of difficulty.”

Jessica O'Beirne: “Correct Wrist Positions in a Salute, a la Jake Dalton, Nastia Liukin, and Abigail Millet.”

Nastia's Wrists


Stacey Ervin in the Law Library

Brigid McCarthy: “The first source of my thankfulness is fitting because this is an American holiday. I really am incredibly thankful for the amount of talent, time, interest and money that is currently invested in US gymnastics. Because, let’s face it, with some of the other major gym powers flailing due to funding issues, dwindling interest and changing interests, it is largely due to the success of the Americans and the money and superb effort on the behalf of the Federation put into publicising and covering the sport in that country that is keeping gymnastics visible in the media.  So many people complain about the saturation of interest in US gymnasts.  What they don’t seem to get is that without that attention, there would be very little left for us to consume at all. So, I am very grateful for the rise of US gymnastics and the attention that it has brought to our sport."

USA Gymnastics Logo

Brigid McCarthy: “The few mainstream sports journalists who actually seem to know and care about gymnastics. Thank you for not reporting Yurchenkos off the beam, talking about that wonderful little Bulimar from Italy and resorting to Cold War tropes to tell your gymnastics story. Really. Very grateful.”   “The ‘Gymternet’. Seriously, while there might be a little bit more out there in the mainstream media than there was a few years ago, it is still the fans that do so much of the work in keeping everyone in the know. From the copious bloggers, to the sneaky You Tubers, to the smart alec Tumblrs, the frenetic Facebookers and Tweeters. You keep it informative and fun. You keep it fresh and up-to-date. You keep it rich with opinion, insight and context.  And best of all, you keep the sense of humour this sport sorely needs. Thank you!”

Gymnasticsly speaking, what are you thankful for? Leave a comment below.

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  1. Liliana

    We don’t have Thanksgiving in Peru, but whatever:


    I was already thankful for discovering the gymternet and getting involved again in the sport, at least as a fan, but this podcast has been a highlight of the week ever since I discovered it last July. At the beginning I even downloaded it like crazy (there must have been 40 editions at that time) and listened to it on my way to work or physical therapy. As the crazy sports fan I am, you guys may be the highlight of my year. Thanks a lot fot that.

    Also: Aliya Mustafina, because all of the reasons Dvora stated, but also because she has a heart of gold, and continues to inspire little girls and people outside the sport. One just has to work hard and believe.

  2. Sandra

    I’m thankful for the gymternet in general. I started my twitter account just over a year ago, and it’s a decision I’m so glad I made. It’s so much fun to tweet about gymnastics and interact with all the other gym fans out there. I’ve learned a lot and gained a whole new appreciation for the sport. There’s so many amazing people on twitter and the athletes themselves are so sweet.

    I’m also grateful for athletes like Simone, Mac, Musty, and many others for being so dedicated and inspiring young gymnasts all around the world. They also seem so real and down-to-earth. There’s so much talent this quad and I can’t wait to see what happens less than 3 years from now in Rio!

  3. Shel

    Ditto everything Sandra said!!!
    Gymcastic/gymternet/SCOTT BREGMAN!!!!!

  4. NGM

    I am SO thankful for you Brigid, and the effort you put into The Couch Gymnast. I realize that you no longer produce all of the content of your site, but once upon a time you did and way back then you introduced me to the gymternet. I have loved gymnastics for 40 years, and computers for 25 or so, but had not thought to put the two together. You were an early find in my gymnastics-computing world.

    I am thankful too for your worldwide network too. The ones who GO to the meets and see gymnastics first hand for those of us who cannot, who spend their own money and time and energy to write reports for us, and then put up with the craziness that ensues every single time they post anything at all. You rock!

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