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Which Gymnast Does Your State Love the Most?

Gymnastics fans, pack your bags for New Hampshire. That’s where your people are! (Of all places!)

If you miss the Perfect 10, head for South Dakota!

We analyzed Google trend data to discover where the most dedicated gymnastics fans live. As it turns out, Kyla Ross’s biggest fans aren’t in her home state of California. They’re in her birthplace of Hawaii.

And it appears that Marta does a lot of Googling for Aliya Mustafina in Texas.

Where do you find your fellow gym nerds? Just check the maps.


The states with the most gymnastics fans per capita.


The states with the most Perfect 10 fans per capita.


The states with the most Nastia Liukin fans per capita.


The states with the most Alexandra Raisman fans per capita.


The states with the most Gabby Douglas fans per capita.


The states with the most Jordyn Wieber fans per capita.


The states with the most Kyla Ross fans per capita.


The states with the most McKayla Maroney fans per capita.


The states with the most Aliya Mustafina fans per capita.


The states with the most Simone Biles fans per capita.


The states with the most Sam Mikulak fans per capita.


The states with the most Kohei Uchimura fans per capita.



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9 years ago

McKayla, Gabby and Nastia are the most popular? I’m a little surprised and a little not surprised…Nastia’ hasn’t competed seriously since Beijing but has somehow been stayed relevant in media… but the other two? Well i guess they are media darlings as well, come to think of it. The fact that TMZ stalks Mac should be indication enough. I’m sad Simone, Kohei, and Aliya’s maps aren’t pinker; they’re the most accomplished of the group!

9 years ago

So it appears that all gymnastics fans live in the USA, what a coincidence ! It\’s always funny to see how you guys in the USA believe that the world stops at the US border.

9 years ago
Reply to  Kaboom

Thanks Gymcastic for the nice explanation about a world map. Kaboom, this is a website for thoughtful and kind gymnastics fans. This is not a place where most of us want there to be the kind of vitriol and hate-mongering found in your post. We love gymnastics. Period.

Furthermore, Gymcastic is a U.S.-based podcast/website and the majority of the audience is U.S. based, so this topic is of interest to many people. Additionally, it says right in the title what geographic area is surveyed, so to expect anything else is unrealistic. If you don\’t want to read about this, then don\’t click the link. Also remember that Gymcastic does cover gymnastics all over the world, which is why there are so many international fans in addition to American fans.

Please be more considerate before you write and remember that Gymcastic is a place of welcoming, not hate.

9 years ago

i\’m surprise Kohei isn\’t more popular. just like i\’m surprise Aliya is more popular then Simone, i can\’t believe Texas, notorious anti-Russians, loves Aliya lol.

9 years ago
Reply to  GymCasticCrew

thanks for the clarification! another qs, what’s the timeline for the chart?? it starts from the 2012 Olympics or is recent?? thanks

9 years ago

Interesting data, but is it really a reflection of who is loved most, or is it just who (or what) is googled most. There is a big difference.

And does the data for \”perfect 10\” take into account that there are nail and hair salons in SD with that phrase in their name? Or that in Texas there are strip clubs with that name? Lol

Context is important.

9 years ago
Reply to  Cassie

It is only representing the distribution of searching volume of a certain name among states, but not the absolute volume.

If someone is loved in a particular state, then the distribution would go extreme.

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