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Winter Cup Live Blog Finals

by: Kensley Behel


The Winter Cup Challenge is a three part competition. This live-blog is for the combined junior and senior finals. Start lists and live coverage can be found here. Most recent routines will be seen at the top of the page. All times are EST.


Event Champions:

FX: Mikulak, Modi/Wiskus

PH: Yoder, Mikulak, Ngai

SR: Melton, Diab, Naddour

VT: Kimble, Oyama, De Los Angeles

PB: Mikulak, Modi/Yoder

HB: Mikulak, Breckenridge, Neff


AA Final Standings:

  1. Mikulak 172.5
  2. Kimble 166.550
  3. Modi 165.9
  4. Bower 165.6
  5. Melton
  6. Yoder

12:24 Yoder (PH) WOW! Fantastic routine! 15.1

12:23 Bower (SR) Strong cross into a beautiful swing series. It’s interesting because in his handstands, his legs don’t touch, but he keeps his feet glued together.

12:18 Naddour (PH) Fell off but finishes strong, This means Yoder will win the Pommel horse title for this Winter Cup.

12:15 Huang (VT) Stick the vault! Good for him!

Mikulak (FX) front 2/1 to stuck double front, front lay double front 1/2 out, nice flairs, back 3/2 to stuck 1/1, stuck 2/1, STUCK 5/2 to finish! Wow great set!

12:12 Melton (PH) Starts out very extended in the hips, rhythm slows in the middle, he circles well oops, slight leg separation, bent knees but is fighting through. Almost makes it. Big push and falls off. Will need to redo dismount.

12:11 Jacobson (HB) Kolman (close) Lay Tkatchev, Tkatchev, 1 arm, Endo, struggles trhough the middle, Stuck full-in.

Bischoff (VT) Very powerful run, but comes up a little short on the landing.

12:10 Jackson with a nice DTY on Vault

After 11

  1. Mikulak 158.2
  2. Melton 153.2
  3. Kimble 152.95
  4. Bower 152.2
  5. Modi 151.7
  6. Bailey 150.5

12:02 Bailey (HB) stlader 1/1 (late) Tak 1/1, Tak 1/2, Off on Tkatchev, Sticks the dismount.

11:56 Mikulak (HB) Kassina, Kolma, Lay tkatchev, straddle to straddle 1/2 tkatchev, 1 arm, Tak 1/2, hop 1/1, endo, STUCK double double. 14.85

11:54 Hong (VT) He has to run so long to get to the vault! Full twisting Tsuk! What a great job he has done tonight! 12.55

11:52. Finally they are showing Yul tonight. Mikulak, flairs, traveling flairs, beautiful position although, if we are being picky, he could be even more stretched. He has to really push up into the dismount. It was a great routine until then. 14.05

Juda (SR) Up to straddle planche, yami to jon, cut to melton on floor. 13.25

Melton (FX) front Double pike wiht a small hop, front 2/1 to tucked 1/1, really strong v hold to press to second handstand! Bak 5/2 to barani, stuck double twist, Triple twist with a step back to finish. 13.95

11:47 Bower (PH) Mikulak, Really nice form to start, cirucles nicely, spindle, Magyar, Sivado, ealiley into the dismount! Good routine. 14.25

11:46 Willet (VT) Tsuk 1.5

Rotation 5

After 10:

  1. 1. Mikulak 143.35
  2. 2. 139.25
  3. 3. Kimble 138.9
  4. 4. Modi 138.3
  5. 5. Bailey 138.2
  6. 6. Bower 137.95


11:40 Modi (PB) Peach, Diam wiht bent knees, Bhavsar, Tippelt, Healy 1/2, Diam, Stutz, Almost stuck full-in to dismount. 14.0

11:37 Powarzynsi double pike forwards, pretty hoppy throughout so far. Nice handstand series. Has some form issues on twisting. A little short on his triple twist to finish. 13.5

11:36 Oyama (PB) Healy, Peach 1/2 way off balance, Ooh double tuck from giant, back toss, Stutz, Double pike with a big hope back!

11:29 Melton (HB) gorgeous Kolman and finishes with a lovely and stuck full-in of high bar. 13.7

Davis (SR) Strong handstand before the dismount! 13.05

Bower (FX) Really fighting for every tenth on those landings! Strong wide-arm handstand. back 3/2 to front 1/2. Ends with Back 5/2. 14.1

Kimble (VT) Beautiful Tsuk double pike! Small hop on the landing. 5.6

Yoder (HB) Yami, Close on the Kolman, Endo, Rybalko endo 1/1, stalder, tak 1/2, hop 1/1, Stuck dismount! 13.05

Hong (SR) Beautiful handstands – better than a lot of hte seniors honestly! Kid is incredible! Stuck his full-in! 13

Rotation 4:

11:18 Kehler (PB) Peach – please point your toes, piked healy, Tanaka, Diam, Stutz, Double pike to finish with a small hop.

11:17 Jackson (FX) Wow! He is competing after that fall! Glad he is alright! Really high tumbling. When he can clean up his form a little bit, he will be really exciting to watch.

After 9

  1. Mikulak 127.9
  2. Melton 125.55
  3. Bailey 124.65
  4. Modi 124.3
  5. Kimble 124.2
  6. Bower 123.85

Mikulak (VT) Yurchenko 1.5 – big hop on landing. 13.65 – mmm that score seems maybe a little high compared to his vault and day one score.

11:16 Melton (PB) Healy, Diam, Stutz, Stuck double pike! 14.2

11:14 Bower (HB) An ok routine, but he still has very very bent legs on the Tak skills. 13.1

11:11 Hong (PH) Doulb erussian! Oooh! Traveling flairs! The next Max Whitlock! 13.2

Yoder (PB) Peach, Giant, Diam, Diam 1/2, Back toss! Beautiful double pike dismount. Really opens up nicely and has time to spot the landing! Stick! 13.9

11:10 Bailey (VT) NICE Kas 1.5. Just a small hop to the side. 14.35

11:08 Modi (VT) Kas 1.5 Nice in the air with a hop on the landing. 14.1

After 8

  1. Mikulak 114.250
  2. Melton 111.350
  3. Bower 110.750
  4. Kimble 110.450
  5. Bailey 110.3
  6. Modi 110.2

11:00 Kimble has an incredibly difficult routine utilizing lots of one handed skills. He has a good bit of form errors, but when he is able to clean it up expect a big score. 13.6

10:56 Injury to Jackson on high bar on missed Kolman

10:56 Bower (PB) peach (has to travel to hold the skill) suarez, healy, 1/2, Diam (beautiful) back toss but has to bend knees a bit, Stutz, Tanaka, good double pike with a small hop to finish. 13.9

King (PH) Scissor cuts, Legs are glued together, but he is quite piked at the hips with flexed feet throughout. Dismount may or may not meet the D requirement as he was not able to travel properly. 13.0

10:52 Melton (VT) Double front with a little too much power and takes a big step forward. 14.35

Bailey (SR) 1.5 tucked to end with a small step. 13.25

Huang (HB) Sticks the dismount. 12.550

10:51 Hong (FX) FlairsDouble twist to end with some form issues.

10:49 Yoder (VT) Carbon copy of night one! Beautiful Tsuk double stuck right down the middle. 13.95

Mod (SR) Lcross to maltese, yami to jon to iron cross, up to l sit and push to Great handstand! giant handstand, Nice dismount with a small hop back.

10:47 Neighbarger (VT) Nice vault with a big step to the side. 14.2

10:46 Mikulak (SR) kip to maltese – looks a little high, up to good planche, lowers to strong iron cross, yami to iron cross, jon to handstand – big arch, Almost exact copy of his fall on the triple back dismount as night one. 13.1

Rotation 2

Standings after 7:

  1. Mikulak 101.15
  2. Modi 97.1
  3. Bailey 97.05
  4. Melton 97
  5. Kimble 96.95


10:39 Neff (PH) Cleanly through the russians although a bit piked, little leg separations here and there, has to push big time on the dismount. Not quite sure how he saved that. His shoulders were way over. 13.5

Yoder (SR) Beautiful swing series, little low on straddle planche, handstand, front giant handstand, nice double double tucked to finish! 13.5

10:35 Hong (HB) OH my gosh – stalder 1/2, tkatchev – good swing out endo 1/2, stadler 1/1 – late, stalder, endo, suck 1/1 dismount. 12.3

10:34 Naddour (SR) nice Maltese, bounce cross. Looks much better than on Thursday, Easily up into the planche. Well- held handstand, slight bobble on second handstand, layed out full in with a big step back . 14.4

C. Stephenson (FX) 14.0

Bailey (PH) Nice clean routine . 14.0

10:33 Modi (PH) Nice Spindles and easily through the travelling sequence, some leg separation, but easily into the dismount. 13.75

10:32 Powarzynski (VT) – Kas 1.5 – Good vault with a small hop 14.45

Ellsworth (FX) 12.85

10:30 Mikulak(PH) Mikulak, scissor cuts, nice extension, handstand flairs, Triple Russian on the end, Magyar/Sivado sequence, nice dismount. 14.85

Kimble (FX) 13.45

Rotation 1 Day 2

Final Standing after Day 1.

1. Mikulak 86.300 2. Kimble 83.500 3. Modi 83.350 4. Bailey 83.050 5. Melton 82.850 6. Neff 82.700

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