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2023 World Championships: Women’s All Around Final

2023 World Championships

We will go live right here on this page October 4th after the meet concludes around (11:20pm Antwerp-ish, 2:20pm Pacific-ish). Here’s how to ask questions live.

  • The All Around Final featuring : Reigning World AA champ, Rebeca Andrade (BRA), the GOAT Simone Biles (USA), reigning World silver medalist, Shilese Jones (USA) and basically champions or world medalists on every content from Africa with bars superstar Kaylia Nemour (ALG) to British World FX champ, Jessica Gadirova, beam ninja Qiu Qiyuan (CHN), happiest gymnast not he planet, Ellie Black (CAN) and Italy’s toe point power house, Manila Esposito. Not to mention stars of every gym nerd’s hearts who finally have world medals, Melanie de Jesus dos Santos (FRA) and Flavia Saraiva (BRA).
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Gym Nerd
7 months ago

Did anyone see Simone say What the fuck after her floor?

Justine Hutchinson
7 months ago

I’m more likely to watch MAG with the sound off because they don’t have floor music. Always gotta have the sound on for WAG! Anyway, that might be why more people heard/noticed Another One Bites the Dust today.

Gym Nerd
7 months ago

In the men’s all around, they played “another one bites the dust” twice after the Belgian guy fell on pommels twice! We thought it was rude. Getting in and out of the venue was insane, the constuction was a mess, the trains and stations were literally dangerously full of people. Taxis were waved by police that they couldn’t stop and pick people up. It was like some other venue got hurt in warmups and dropped out so Antwerp had to step in at a moment’s notice and were SOO not ready, Like it was a surprise. ugh

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