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2023 World Championships: Women’s Team Final

2023 World Championships

We will go live right here on this page October 4th after the meet concludes around (11:45pm Antwerp, 2:45pm Pacific-ish). Here’s how to ask questions live.

Tonight is the women’s team final featuring: USA, Great Britain, Brazil, China, Italy, Netherlands, France and Japan

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Wendy E Mercer
Gym Nerd
7 months ago

Omg. This team final was so good. I cried. ❤️

Elizabeth Winterbee
Gym Nerd
7 months ago

hey all, although it isnt available for a lot of countries, the all gymnastics TV live stream is up for some, including where i live (New Zealand). I’d say its probably the countries where gymnastics isnt usually picked up by paid companies – so worth checking out. We also had the Brits commentating, and its just the one screen like it is on paid tv 😀 .

Leesa Kieran
Gym Nerd
7 months ago

Works in Canada as well!

Pauline Gelas
Gym Nerd
7 months ago

Listening to you from France ! I’m so happy, I cried too !

Gym Nerd
7 months ago

How do I see it live? Is it going right now?

Andrea Madu
7 months ago

Will the Russians be able to compete in the Olympics?

Sarah Benchley
Gym Nerd
7 months ago

Leanne was attacked by a hairy balance beam.

Christopher Cox
7 months ago

This worlds was just SO SPECIAL! I can’t really describe why, but it was just so exciting, joyful, rewarding, competitive, and just magical! So happy for everyone!

David Berryman
7 months ago

Hi! First time posting, long time gymnastics fan. I had a question regarding floor music for Pauline Schaefer. Was her music “bye bye bye” from *NSYNC??

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